2005: The Soundtrack to My Life [12.15.2005]

Originally posted on MySpace on December 15, 2005:

While everyone else is posting 2005 surveys, I figured that I’d post the songs that reminded me of different moments from this past year. As Gina told me today, “this year has been the worst and best year of my life!” Amen to that. These songs will forever remind me of (insert subject here) for the year 2005:

CIARA’S “1-2 STEP” will forever remind me of Katina. It’s amazing how she can complain about how much pain her back is in, only to jump on the stage and swing around the stripper pole 2 seconds after this song comes on. She debuted her stripper routine to this at Valentine’s, and pretended to sing this after she was caught jamming along to “Abracadabra”.

MARIO’S “LET ME LOVE YOU” will remind me of my 5-year old nephew Christian serenading me and my family with his lovely rendition… even though he didn’t know ¾ of the words.

O-ZONE’S “DRAGOSTEA DIN TEI” will remind me of Rory. When I was in a bad mood, she would sing the “Mi-Okie” song to cheer me up… and I would sing her SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR’S “MIXED UP WORLD”. We would request O-Zone at the Castle, and go buckwild when the DJ acknowledged our request. When I heard this song at a bar in Seattle, I immediately thought of her.

GWEN STEFANI’S “HOLLABACK GIRL” will always remind me of… one word… three syllables… TO… RON… TO! Fucking take my ass back there NOW… my favorite place to be in the whole entire world. I was put on this Earth to go to Toronto every year!

GREEN DAY’S “BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS” reminds me of walking down the streets of Toronto in 20 degree weather with Zilo, desperately looking for a cool bar to hang out at.

MARIAH CAREY’S “IT’S LIKE THAT” will remind me of… “Hey Katina, this club sucks and no one knows how to dance? Let’s request some songs, go onstage, and put on a show for everyone… Tampa-style!”

JLO’S “GET RIGHT” reminds me of Gasparilla, Donna’s ponytail extensions, and dancing like a madman at Harry’s party.

THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS’ “DONTCHA” reminds me of Cheri, because she was always going crazy when they played this song when we were out.

KEANE’S “SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW” reminds me the numerous drives with Harry from Brandon to Valentine’s to Georgie’s back to Valentine’s then to the Male Room, Metropolis, City Side and the Castle all in one night. Whew! Our lonely souls would opt to hear this, RADIOHEAD’S “KARMA POLICE” or COUNTING CROWS’ “A LONG DECEMBER” as he endlessly searched for his “parfait” for the night.

KYLIE MINOGUE’S “I BELIVE IN YOU” will remind me of my trip up to Seattle and Chicago with Tommy. To have an actual vacation where I refrained from being a club-bar-hoe was refreshing. Such a beautiful song to match two beautiful cities, and a beautiful point in time.

THE KILLERS’ “MR. BRIGHTSIDE” reminds me of Harry, and only makes me miss him more. I learned a lot about myself because of spending time with this fool.

GORILLAZ’S “FEEL GOOD, INC.” reminds me of Jon La May, because I had first heard this song on his profile. The first time that he and I ever truly hung out at Orpheum, what I remember most about that night besides the drunken lifts outside was him dancing up a storm when the DJ played this.

FISCHERSPOONER’S “CLOUD” will remind me of K3lly and Chi-town Gina. Gina highly recommended the song to me. K3lly downloaded it and e-mailed it to me. It was the first time that I had met K3lly, and both Gina and I admitted to one another how we both had “lost ourselves” at that same point in time.

MARIAH CAREY’S “WE BELONG TOGETHER” will remind me of all the precious time wasted on foolishly believing in the idea of a soulmate.

MISSY ELLIOT’S “LOSE CONTROL” will remind me of Cheri Rose and her possession. Once Cheri drank, the top came off and the drunken madness began. BUT once “Lose Control” came on, the bra came off, the skirt came up, and the rest is in Gina’s birthday poem.

YING YANG TWINS ADAM LEVINE’S “LIVE AGAIN” will remind me listening to this song on repeat for a good 3 hours with David Phan. I remember driving to Orlando with him, and craving to hear the song so badly… hanging out in Katina’s computer room, blasting the hell out of it while “Myspace-ing it up”… or experiencing the scandal at Paloma’s pool party while singing it. “I’m so sick and I’m so tired of these clubs… I keep crying…”

GWEN STEFANI’S “COOL” will remind me of Gina, and dancing with her at the Castle, CZAR, Orpheum, Flirt, Blue Martini, and anywhere that could handle such hotness.

SHAKIRA’S “LA TORTURA” will remind me of Vanessa unsuccessfully attempting to teach me how to salsa at Flirt. Some folks just won’t ever learn.

THE WHISPERS’ “ROCK STEADY” will remind me “Sheikra” in Cheri’s car. I know it’s an ancient song, but to be so carefree and laughing the night away while drunk as can be at 3:30AM… this song was the best thing that I could’ve asked to hear. It made me dance Nick-style at each red light. Hanging out the sunroof with Katina, while Cheri sped down I-75 was better than any rollercoaster at any theme park in the entire universe.

AUDIO BULLYS’ “BANG BANG (I SHOT YOU DOWN)” will remind me of Sammie and doing the fish-hook dance with her at the Castle. Lately, Nick collapsing onto the ground comes to mind as well.

THE KILLERS’ “ALL THESE THINGS THAT I HAVE DONE” will remind me of dancing with sexy Sterling at the Castle. When that song came on, we both did not have to say one single world to one another. We would both immediately look at one another, come closer together and just dance the night away. We even clapped our hands together during the “I got soul” part (as did Gina and I).

NINE INCH NAILS’ “ONLY” reminds me of planning the Red Hood Fashion Show with Ben. I guess because while I was sending out e-mails to the Tampa Tribune and Weekly Planet and calling around, this mp3 was blasting from my speakers.

BLACK EYED PEAS’ “MY HUMPS” will remind me of being at Flirt. I never liked this song, but would find myself dancing to it. I was never a big fan of Flirt, but would find myself always going there. Go figure.

M.I.A.’S “BUCKY DONE GONE” reminds me going ape-shit wild at where else?… the Castle. I can clearly see Nick’s high-kicks and bicycle dance on his back while lying on the plattform when listening to this.

RENT’S “SEASONS OF LOVE” will remind me of Gina. She couldn’t stop singing it on the way to the movie, and couldn’t stop singing it on the way home from the movie. I’ve seen the musical numerous times and had already seen the movie once, but she pointed out how much our group of friends mirrored the characters in RENT… an obvious comparison I failed to ever notice.

MADONNA’S “HUNG UP” will remind me of dancing with Linley on the stage, watching Katina re-enact the music video choreography on the stage, and K3lly and Alex screaming like little girls off the stage.

I cannot wait to see what 2006 has in store… but I have the sneakiest feeling that Peaches’ new songs will make 2006’s Soundtrack, especially when recounting a certain weekend that will be taking place sometime in March of next year. Hmmm…

MySpace User Comments:

*Gina* This is brilliant…just brilliant!

David Phan That was such a sweet post Okie.. What reminds me of you and Katina, that damn song.. OMG how does it go.. OOO OOO OOO.. Putting that in every song that we sang in Katina’s computer room.. I love you guys!! MUAH

Okesene Tilo David, we stayed up that ENTIRE night singing Whitney Houston and The Jets while putting that damn “ooo ooo ooo” part in every song. That was such a fun-ass night. It really was.

Katina Franke Aww what a cute post Okie! I’m glad so many songs remind you of me. 🙂 Let me see you 1-2 Step…I mean, ABRA ABRA Cadabra!
Love you! Can’t wait to re-enact 2005 in Toronto for 2006!!!

Okesene Tilo Returning to Toronto will be insane… I have NO idea what to expect or what will happen. I kinda think that we should make a lil’ appearance at our club that we went to on Friday night, just to be reminded of the bad dancing. We should request “Abracadabra” or “Red Red Wine” and dance it up just for shits and giggles. Look to the left, look to the right, look to the left, slide right hand down right side of head!

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