Abre Los Ojos [05.16.2006]

Originally posted on MySpace on May 16, 2006:

It started on Sunday when my right eye started to dry out and sting on the way home from Miami. When I woke yesterday morning, my entire eye was crimson red, leaking tears uncontrollably, and stinging even more. This morning, I woke up barely able to open my right eye due to: (1) the layer of crust that formed overnight sealing it shut, and (2) the overwhelming burning sensation whenever I tried to open it. After spending the entire day today at my doctor and opthamologist’s offices, I was told that there seems to be a rip in my cornea. (Eww gross I know!) My eyeball was dyed blue, I was presribed some medicated eyedrops and eye-lotion, and will have “blurred vision” the rest of the day and tomorrow. I’ll let you guys know what the hell is going on when I go back in the morning. The doctor said that he cannot give me a definitive answer of what’s going to happen next until the inflammation has died down. (FYI: I have a history of problems with this particular eye for 2 years now.)

So it looks like I’ll be out of commission the rest of the day. Although, how funny would it be if I went up to Valentine’s tonight, doped up on Percocet and sporting an eyepatch? Would you guys still love me if I only had one eye? 🙂 I’ll keep you all posted.


Ray Charles

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