Chicago Come Quickly [February 7, 2006]

Originally posted on MySpace on February 7, 2006:

So Sterling just so happens to have a sister who lives in Chicago who she has not seen in ages. I just so happen to already be visiting the windy city the weekend of the 24th this month for Gina’s Dirty Thirty. And we both just so happen to be immensely tired and bored with everything and anything Tampa. So….. do the math!

February 24th could NOT come any slower. I need this trip more than I need anything else in life right now, because I feel that I am becoming not only bored, but boring. Plus, I get to hang out with Gina and Sara, spend a Clique-less weekend with Sterling, escape the confines of Flori-duh, see new faces, go to new places and be halfway closer to that OTHER trip that will be coming up in March. I am seriously burnt out with the lack of options here in Tampa.

You must confess that I have been rather well-behaved, tame and reserved when out recently… which is NOT that often as of late. Maybe the “old” Okie will come back… you know, the previous version of myself that fell off stages, was dirty and obscene, ripped off Cheri’s bra in the middle of any given club, addicted to Jager, nearly broke the Castle couches and always made out with everyone… the version that YOU ALL LOVE AND MISS!


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One thought on “Chicago Come Quickly [February 7, 2006]

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