Forever November [11.11.2006]

Originally posted on MySpace on November 11, 2006:

Two years ago…

One year ago…


…and it’s been nothing but a rollercoaster ride since!

This soon-to-be concluding year has undoubtedly been my favorite year ever. I’ve traveled here and there. I’ve met him and her. I’ve done this and that. And I have loved every single second!

Now that we are in the month of November.. The temperature outside is dramatically dropping. Brightness is starting early, and darkness is arriving even earlier. The captivation of the awaiting holiday season is beginning. And yours truly inches closer and closer to becoming eligible for that Senior Citizens Flapjacks Discount at Bob Evans, i.e. it’s time for another birthday.

I use to think that getting older was the end of the world, but lately I find myself okay with it. Why?

Being young or looking young never made me happy. Friends do. Family does. Feeling loved and being loved is my happiness.
With age comes more knowledge and wisdom. And like Katina so philosophically and intoxicatingly pointed out to Cheri one hazy night… KNOWLEDGE IS POWER YO!
And if I really truly wanted to… I know that I can still out-party, out-do and top anyone, even on their 21st birthday!

It would be rude if I didn’t drink all of those birthday drinks that were purchased for me, right?

Every year has brought a huge birthday party. Even though I truly do not remember most of the night, last year’s birthday party at Blue Martini is my all-time favorite. Sleeping while standing up? Quadruple-fisting drinks? Shoving my head under Amy’s skirt? Falling down on the floor, but standing on top of the dinner table? YES, I am proud to say that was your Okie in action and in all his glory!

Q: When is there time to plan a party?

Right now, life could not be any more eventful… Britney filed for divorce from K-Fed… Madonna’s newly adopted son David is going to start his Kabbalah lessons… and Angelina was recently spotted around town without Brad.  Okay… well actually… my brother, his pregnant hot wife and my three adorable nephews are coming in town from New Jersey for 10 days… my load at work has significantly increased… my work is sending me down to Key West for a couple days… Ben Chmura’s Ozmapolitan Fashion Show struts again at Club Pearl in Miami… my aunt is coming in town… my friend Lana is coming in town… my sister Katrina is returning to Tampa for 2 months after the fall semester wraps… my overactive social life… my hyperactive libido… all that on top of the general busyness of everyday.

This is how I have been acting lately…


So no huge birthday party this year. No bitchy demands that you need to buy a new outfit. No hardcore celebrating.

I am having dinner on my actual birthday, Tuesday November 14th, 2006 at J. Alexanders in South Tampa from 7:30 to 10:00PM. There is no formal invite. There is no meticulous guest list. Any and all are welcomed to join me. Show up. Eat dinner. Or be anorexic and don’t eat. Have a drink. Have some drinks. Pour your drink on my head. Stay 15 minutes. Stay an hour. Stay the night. Do what you want, but at least make an attempt to come out and show me the love. (PLEASE NOTE: if any of my close friends have the audacity to not attend, not only will you receive a MySpace comment that will make you feel guilty, and rightfully so… but you will also be subjected to the LOUDEST and MOST OBNOXIOUS, however unintelligible, 4AM drunken telephone call while you are trying to peacefully sleep!)

November is MY month. Always has been. Always will be.

I love you.

Okie, future 27 Y.O. you’d like to fuck!

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