Okesene’s Dream Machine [09.30.2006]

Originally posted on MySpace on September 30, 2006:

Once upon a time…
My friend Josh Gontarek urged me to join a brand new website that had just started called Myspace.com. Bored with Friendster and still recouping from the cease of a Napster addiction, I decided to give this new website a whirl. Back then, I could do a search for ALL USERS in the state of Florida and retrieve 15 pages of results. Back then, everyone had the same standard Myspace profile background. Back then, I only knew five people on my Friends List personally. To attain any type of activity on this fledgling website… one must be open to any communication from any Myspace user.

I began talking with this guy named Michael from Chicago. It was brief conversation. A hello here. A hello there. Nothing more. I don’t exactly recall what it was on his profile that we both had in common that sparked friend requesting one another, but we added one another to our friends’ list and kept in contact here and there.

And then one day…
I received a random message from an unfamiliar but attractive face in Chicago.. ”Hello there. I saw that you were on Michael’s page and I wanted to add you to my profile. You look like a lot of fun, and we should keep in touch” Intriguing as it was… I clicked on the photo, viewed all the photos, read the entire profile from top to bottom, checked out all of the comments, and thought that this person was pretty cool as well. I clicked the Approve Button next to this person’s Friend Request, and wrote a reply back to this mysterious girl who had just written and friend requested me. Her name was Gina.

Meet Gina

At the time, Gina was dating Michael from Chicago. She had found me through Michael’s page, yet her and I were talking more than Michael and I ever did. There was an instant connection. She laughed at all my jokes. I adored her taste in music and film. Her blogs and the way she wrote fascinated me. She was amused by my wild partying ways. Basically, we just got one another.

Along the way, Gina’s friends in Chicago wrote to say hello to the mysterious guy from Tampa who was all over her page. One of Gina’s friends that stood out the most was her best friend Sara. She too possessed that same natural and inviting vibe where I could openly talk to her. Typically, whenever I meet someone new… there exists those uncomfortable moments of trying to keep the conversation afloat and alive. That was not the case with these two girls. These were two individuals whom I had never met in person, yet felt like I knew just as well as some of the close friends that I’ve grown up with my entire life here in Florida.

Meet Sara

So Gina, Sara and I kept in contact with one another. Brief Myspace messages turned into lengthy Instant Messages. Instant Messages escalated into telephone calls. And telephone calls lead to (alas) a meeting. How so?

Fast forward (or rewind back) to February 2006…
Gina was celebrating her 30th Birthday Party, and posted a comment on my page wishing that I would be there to celebrate. Nearly two years of talking to this girl, I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to finally meet her. I had wanted to meet both of these girls and their friends since I first started communicating with them. So I bought my plane ticket and relayed the message that I was coming up there to celebrate her birthday. I would be staying with Gina and her roommate Neil. They were technically strangers, since I had NEVER EVER met them …but none of that mattered. It truly felt like I was flying to Chicago to be reunited with “old friends.” Since her sister Stacey lived up there as well, Sterling flew up to Chicago with me.

Sterling meets Gina

I was excited. I was finally going to meet THEE Gina and Sara.. two people who I have talked to billion-a-times online and over the phone. I’ve seen countless photos of them. I read and heard stories of who they were dating, or their trips to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, or their success in their careers. Meeting them was similar to meeting a celebrity superstar. You hear and read all about them, but ya never ever seen them in person!

In a nutshell…
Sterling and I flew to Chicago for Gina’s Birthday in February, had the absolute best times of our lives.. so much so.. that I went back to Chicago in May and September this year. Sterling wound up packing her shit and moving there after the second visit. Each time that I’ve went back, I’ve brought someone new to Chicago… Cheri, Fabian, Steven… and they all can AND will attest to how FUCKING AWESOME Gina and her friends are. Sweet, fun, hilarious, crazy and everything else that knocks our socks off!

Thanks to Gina, Sara and everyone else up there.. Chicago truly is my second home! (Cheri’s second home as well.) Each time, they welcomed my friends and I with open arms, fed us, housed us, got us drunk, drove us around and never failed in showing us Tampons the best weekends ever. And who woulda thought that I would meet some of the coolest people through one of their ex-boyfriends? (F.Y.I.: Gina and Michael obviously broke up. Michael moved to Los Angeles. I have had zero contact with Michael since he deleted his Myspace account.)

It’s our turn!…
On Wednesday, October 11th, 2006… Gina and Sara will be flying to Florida for the first time. They’ve heard the stories of how wild and crazy Tampa is! They saw the Toronto Vacation photos! They’ve witnessed Cheri and Steven’s drunken behavior on their turf! And now that they’re finally on our turf, it’s time for us to (as Cheri so intellectually pointed out) “BRING IT TIMES TWO!”

Thursday, October 12th, 2006… Cheri and I are taking these two Chi-town girls to the Castle, and want you all to come out, do shots with us, spank Gina’s ass, dance on Sara, rip off Cheri’s shirt and show these Trampa-virgins how it’s done! This will be the only night to hang out with them since we’re heading to South Beach the very next day, and I want nothing more badly than for you all to meet them.

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

So cum out and show some love and meet two of the best people in the world! Thursday, October 12th, 2006… I’M ROLLIN OUT THE MUTHAFUCKIN’ RED CARPET FOR MUTHAFUCKIN’ SARA AND GINA AT THE MUTHAFUCKIN’ CASTLE!!!

…and they lived happily drunk ever after!

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2 thoughts on “Okesene’s Dream Machine [09.30.2006]

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