Reasons to SMILE in 2006 [01.12.2006]

Originally posted on MySpace on January 12, 2006:

Reasons to SMILE in 2006:

1.  March 24 – 27th, 2006

2.  July 22nd, 2006

3.  September 15th, 2006

4.  November 4, 2006

5.  FABIAN… the inspiration for this blog, and a constant reminder and continual reason to always smile.  🙂

MySpace User Comments:

GodivAndCream:  TORONTO, CANADA  MARCH 24-27  O Canada!  Our home and native land!  True patriot love in all thy songs command.  With bacon hearts we see thee rise.  The True North strong and free!  From far and wide, O Canada, you invented Ala Thicke.  God keep our land big cold and empty!  O Canada, we invented hockey too, I think.  O Canada, we stand on guard for thee

Katina Frank:  Cheri did you make that anthem up?  I hope so cus it would be really lame if not…

GodivaAndCream:  Anyway, I am ready to smoke it up at “Drink”, dance on stage at the gay bar, flirt with a drag queen, taxi cab driver, bouncer, waiter (how bout your COCK ON A PLATE?)….  fall on the runway, wake up for 20 seconds to look at the CN tower, sleep through niagara falls, chain smoke in the hallway, then wake up not knowing how or why I got back to the hotel.  I AM READY!!!

Okesene Tilo:  We were put on this Earth to go to Toronto EVERY YEAR!  I AM READY!

*Gina*:  What?  No Chicago?

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