Time Of My Life [11.27.2006]

Originally posted on MySpace on November 27, 2006:

I had an interesting conversation with my friend Eric last night at the Orpheum. I told him how Cheri and I were discussing how he and our other friend Steve-O seem like they would not typically belong within our group of friends. They would seem an odd fit to the average eye, yet somehow they fit. Everybody loves them, but it’s like apples and oranges. I then sat back at the bar, and took a good look around at my circle of friends. We all come from different walks of life and have varying lifestyles. We all live in different areas, cities, zip codes and counties. Our careers and levels of education could not be any more diverse. Some of us are in relationships. Some of us are single. Some of us are parents. At that moment, I realized that being open-minded, non-judgemental and passionate about life while possessing a gargantuan appetite for fun is all that truly matters. That is the unifying factor that brings us, this eclectic blend of personalities, together.

Right now, I am having the absolute time of my life. I do NOT want this weekend to end. It has been nothing but four days of endless fun. And these past few months have been the same. 95 percent of the blame can be attributed to the beautiful people that I have in my life as friends. We are all a crazy clique of “intimidating” attention-starved party bandits who happen to makeout with one another, but we are having too much fucking fun right now. So much fun… that I will find myself sitting at work and suddenly start laughing out of nowhere because some silly moment at the Castle crossed my mind. Either Nick’s dancing to Sak’s “Christian Soldier” rebuttals… I’ll just find myself smiling big when no one’s looking. Just me sitting at my desk, working and smiling. And you know what? I want to keep these sudden attacks of laughter and smiling-to-myself going for as long as I can…

“I searched my whole life to find the secret, and all I did was open up my eyes…”

Life is good.

MySpace User Comments:

Diane Hernandez:  It sounds as though you are a riot. In a good way of course. I have to agree…life is what you make it baby.

Okesene Tilo:  Amen to that.  When has being call a riot NOT been meant in a good way? 🙂

GodivAndCream:  um, was that a response from rory? i thought she was missing. well, at least we now know she’s is officially still alive!

Okesene Tilo:  If you write to her, she’ll respond Cheri. Rory is still alive and well! 🙂

*Gina*:  I adore you!!! Great minds think alike… You better come to the Chi soon…I’m moving in 2007…  Kisses, G

Steven Ballard:  I couldn’t have said it better myself!! Perfect Okie! I love you all!! 🙂 Can’t wait till our next “outing”.  Keep smiling and laughing…

GodivAndCream:  WE ARE THE BEST!  there is really nothing else to say…..

Okesene Tilo:  WE ARE THE BEST!  AND YOU ARE THE BREAST!  nuff’ said…..

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