Whatever happened to… THE CLIQUE? [04.11.2006]

Originally posted on MySpace on April 11, 2006:

Whatever happened to…


…and while pondering the answer to that vexatious question, go ahead and ask yourself: (1) What happened to their weekly Thursday nights at the Castle? (Upstairs, corner of the main bar) (2) Why did the Friday night dinner reservations that Okie made cease? (3) Where are the engraved shot glasses and mugs that Cheri and Steven bought for each of them? C’mon now… Gina got all of them into Busch Gardens for free one Sunday afternoon. Billy planned and hosted a lovely (and uncommonly tame) Christmas Dinner at Ciccio & Tony’s. Katina had all of them over at her house to ring in the New Year together. They even have their own Myspace Group!!! (4) REALLY… WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE ONCE ALMIGHTY CLIQUE?!?

Do you remember this Group Photo taken at Linley’s Halloween Party?  You don’t?  Well… NEITHER DO I!

Gina, Cheri and I were discussing the answer to the above questions, and have proposed a “Clique Reparation” plan.  Next Thursday, April 20th, 2006… we will be returning to our favorite spot, the Castle… to dance on podiums, down unnecessary shots, break couches, and get kicked by Nick. On Saturday, May 20th, 2006… reservations will be called in for dinner at Ciccio & Tony SOHO. With more than a month’s notice, I expect to see you all there. So submit all Time Off Requests to work NOW. (Hint hint Brad, John Paul and Katina) The FIRST “Clique Reunion” happens this Saturday night at Gina’s Birthday Dinner at Maggiano’s and party at Czar. I have e-mailed, event invited, instant messaged, text messaged, telephoned, personally told and everything humanly possible to get you out there this weekend, so please let me know either way if you are coming or not. (Hint hint Jon La May and Nick)

Did ALL of the Clique Dancers embark on solo careers?

Everyone knows that I have always been Mr. Nice Guy a.k.a. the peacemaker of the group, and I am fully aware of the ongoing tension and conflict between some of you.  Saturday, May 20th, 2006… I ask for you to please set aside any existing animosity towards another, and come out for just one night. I am not asking for any of you to rebuild any broken friendships, I am asking you for just one night of your time. Could you do it for just one night? Could you do it for me? Billy, Brad, Cheri, Gina, John Paul, Jon La May, Katina, Nick and Steven… I love you all, and hope to see every single one of your faces across the table from me on that night. We owe it to one another. Saturday, May 20th, 2006.

Orpheum… just because we’re not all single anymore does not mean that anything should change!

Flirt… was this photo taken in 2005 or 1995?  It feels like it has been FOREVER.

Ciccio & Tony’s… our first (and last?) Christmas Dinner

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