Touch The Sky [03.17.2007]

Originally posted on MySpace on March 17, 2007:

Here is a VIDEO presentation of the Birthday Poem that I wrote for my friend Gina on her 31st Birthday. Cheri, Katina, Steven MichaelRay, Favian, Billy and I flew from Tampa up to Chicago to help Gina celebrate. I get so happy just thinking about how much fun I had that weekend. Watching this video is a reminder of the great times that Chicago brings.

Tampa & Chicago!

Katina’s there… filming.
That’s her voice you hear.
Neil, Sterling, Lisa weren’t there.
Damn blizzard.
Cheri’s laying down … crying actually.
(See her legs at the corner of the couch?)
Tears of happiness not sadness.
Favian a.k.a. Foof’s there
…a whole bottle of Captain Morgan later…
(Lay off the liquor Foof!)
There’s Sara.
There’s Danny.
There’s Billy.
There’s Steven Michael Ray.
There’s Jamal.
There’s Vince’s leg.
And then there’s…
…The Birthday Girl…
L O V E.

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One thought on “Touch The Sky [03.17.2007]

  1. […] Dirty Thirty Bday]… her 31st at Vince’s place & Boom Boom Room in Chicago [READ: Reciting my Bday Poem to Gina VIDEO]… her 32nd at Avalon in Los Angeles… and now her 33rd here in Tampa, […]

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