All The Things You Swear You’re Gonna Do [06.19.2007]

Originally posted on MySpace on June 19, 2007:

I have been meaning to delete my Myspace profile for some time now, but figured that I should just not actively log-on daily / hourly as before. Everyone who deletes their page always comes back and creates a new one, so why should I even bother when I’d probably fall victim and do the same? So all apologies if I’ve been lacking in the Myspace love lately. Hopefully, I’ll get over my annoyance.

So let’s play catch-up…

Steven MichaelRay: “Umm, what are you eating?… I hope that is Light Soy Sauce you are using!” (at Cafe Japon last Saturday). Gina: “Here… you need to sit down in this chair right now and relax! Take it easy!” (at the Kosmetik Sunday Launch Party at Czar). Nick: “Do Iiiiii need to put on a clown nose and be Patch Adams in your hospital room to cheer you up?” Harry Morgan: “Are you dead yet?!” (just being his usual self).

THANK YOU ALL for the well-wishes and concern! I really am doing much much better. I guess I just overdid EVERYTHING, and the past is catching up. (At least that is what I am telling myself.) I’m down 5 lbs. I switched meds. And I won’t be having that heart-attack or stroke anytime this year it appears. I’m not dead! (Yet.)

Katina: “Okie, you owe me a Fergie blog!”

For those of that do not know: Katina won the Fergie Look-A-Like Contest through Verizon, and won VIP passes to see Fergie in concert (front row) and got to hang out backstage as a model in the Candies Fashion Show the first Friday of this month.

Katina modeling in Fergie’s Fashion Show

Okay Katina, so this blog may not be as eventful or descriptive as what you were expecting for your highly requested Fergie blog, but just know that our night at the show was the best night I’ve had all year long… no bullshit, no drama, just laughter and fun.

Question: Was it truly necessary for you to be the ONLY model who booty-danced with the emcee just to steal the show?
The Answer: YES, yes it was. Have we not learned from ye ole words of wisdom: Shake what ya momma gave ya… and Show me whatcha workin wit! You had the crowd in hysterics!


Ruth Eckerd Hall – June 1st, 2007

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