BIG EASY Adventures [05.02.2007]

Originally posted on MySpace on May 2, 2007:

Three years ago, my friend Harry (who relentlessly prefers to be referred to as Morgan these days) extended an invitation my way to visit him in New Orleans. He had just wrapped up his stint in the Merchant Marines, and was taking some time to “unwind” in the Big Easy with his big sis, Marie. I had never visited the (and I quote) “Walt Disney World for Adults” so the invitation was highly seductive and enticing. Plans were soon made. Details were talked out. BUT… sadly nothing ever came to fruition.

Photo by Okie (there Harry, I gave myself proper credit!) 🙂

Also three years ago, I began chatting with an intriguingly intelligent and mysterious man in Australia named Dan. I honestly and truly do not remember what began our long-distance online conversations, but we would check in here and there with one another… Discussing the on-goings of life. Discussing our relationships, or lack thereof. Discussing everything from pop culture to religion. And as far far away as he was, Dan was one of those special people who seemed like someone who you have always known despite never having had met.

The ONLY photo I have Dan

So two weekends ago, I finally set forth to the city of New Orleans with Harry. We stayed with his (just as hilariously crazy) sister Marie, who could not have been more of a kick-ass hostess. I devoured po’ boy and muffuletta sandwiches. I roamed Bourbon Street and Jackson Square. I finally met the famous and wonderful Dan, who was wrapping up an overseas excursion in obtaining his Doctor’s degree. Even though I brought a digital camera to document my virgin trip in The French Quarter… I unintentionally failed to take any photos of my time there or (very regrettably) of Dan or Marie. (F.Y.I. Dan recently deleted his Myspace due to lack of time, so I have zero photos of him at all besides the one above.) Upon realizing the lack of camera use on our last night there, Harry and I decided to film as much video footage as we could to make up for it. (See select clips footage below)

I learned something new and valuable on this trip. Friendships come and go, that’s a given. But the best friendships worth having around are the ones that can make you cry and piss you off so badly that eventually you forget what you were ever upset about and wind up laughing it off together. As Harry says: “You can’t make an omelette without cracking some eggs.” P.S. I Love New Orleans.


“If they could only see you like I do
Then they would see a stranger too”

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