Less than 24 Hours in JAX [07.10.2007]

Originally posted on MySpace on July 10, 2007:

So… I went to Jacksonville this past Saturday afternoon to see my dear (and perversely-competitive friend) David Phan. David is always someone who knows how to make me laugh my ass off, and it had been quite some time since I last hung out with him. Gina made the suggestion one night that we should all go spend a weekend with him, but there were several factors preventing this “David visit” from being a full-blown Friday-to-Sunday weekend excursion.

1. Jon La May’s damn Saturday morning Economics exam.
2. Steven MichaelRay’s 4:00PM pick-up-Dallas at the airport deadline.
3. Gina’s inability to survive & tolerate a full weekend of us boys’ nonsense. 🙂
4. Me having to actually go into work on a Sunday evening to help settle into the new office.

So we had no other option but to make the most of our short (and I mean less than 24 hours) stay in Jacksonville.

From the silly Fergie sing-a-longs in the car to the escargot tasting at Bricks to the “Live Earth” telecast to the “emotional dumping” lesson to the Spice Girls to McDonalds to Borat to that speeding ticket… everything about that Saturday evening couldn’t have been more perfect. I hadn’t laughed so hard in forever, and being away with the best group of friends erased that undeniable meltdown-funk I was going through with work and what happened in Key West.

1. JON LA MAY… Teach me how to speak Spanish
2. GINA… Teach me how to sing like Nicole Scherzinger
3. STEVEN MICHAELRAY… Teach me how to act like La Sarah

And to sexy Irene, Anitra, Lily and even you McDonalds French Fry-thief Jake… THANK YOU for coming out and giving us the warm Jacksonville-welcome.

And NO Jon, I did not get work done to make me look different. You just hadn’t seen me in a while! 🙂

Originally posted by David Phan on MySpace:

So my Tampa friends came up here this weekend. They certainly solidified why I love them so much.. I wish you guys could have stayed longer, but you didn’t.. Maybe next time.. Okie, I have no words.. Wait yes I do. Irene was right, we feed off each other.. Just when you say something raunchy I say something even raunchier.. It’s crazy. We try to one up each other but instead we end up UMMMMing each other, I mean OOOOYYYYEEEEing. Tiger Penis.. Gina, oh wow it’s been far too long, we didn’t get to bond much but we still had a great fucking time and now because of you I laugh every time I hear “My daddy told me so” “Like a child misses their blanket” “Drive Thru, Raw as Hell.” Steven, what is there to say to the man that ate escargo with Okie and me.. You are great, I sincerely enjoyed hanging out with you, and Okie said to me last week “everyone falls in love with Steven.” I think it’s true, I fell in love with the belching, the cigarette smoking, shirtless walking, foot clogging, young man that you are!! You even insulted Janet, and I still love you.. Lastly, Jon La May… bitch pleaassse!!! I love you, I don’t have to go into the countless reasons, like the fact that you got yourself fired so that you could make this trip, you came up here broke and penniless, you drove up here (j/k) I love you and I am sorry.. For those that know, know.. Bee otch.. I am coming down there and we are bringing the ring of FIRE!!

So I already miss you guys.. what can I say? We had a great time, we laughed our asses off, watched Live Earth, got drunk and danced the night away, and we even snuck in a few music videos. Okie managed to throw his cell phone at me. Steven drunk dialed someone, Gina well she spent some time in the bathroom.. Jon (no shitty kitty)…

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