Lost in Emotion [7.24.2007]

Originally posted on MySpace on July 24, 2007:


FRIDAY 07-22-07… Harry and I were stumped with what to do with our pending evening. We both endured a long and stressful week at work, but the options for the night were of the obvious and typical variety that we both refrain from succumbing to.

Q: Should we go to Chambers after months of not going?
A: NO. We both always get obnoxiously drunk when there.

Q: Should we take part in the Harry Potter midnight madness?
A: NO. We both only read the first 2 books and weren’t big enough fans to warrant going.

Q: Should we go to Orlando?
A: NO. We both will be going next weekend to Parliament House for Steven MichaelRay’s show.

So I texted Ryan Prado who was at the 80’s Classic Summer Jam at the Ford Amphitheater. He suggested that I too come up there since the venue was not filled and pretty empty. $25 to see Lisa Lisa, Expose, Shannon, C&C Music Factory and others? Hell yeah! Why not?! So Harry and I went, met up with Jeremy Gloff and had a wonderful time indulging in the nostalgia. Just to let you know, all of the artists were a lot of fun. Expose performed “Let Me Be The One” which I completely forgot about the existence of that song until they sang it. Shannon still worked her shit to “Let The Music Play.” Freedom from C+C Music Factory is still built like LL Cool J. And lovely Lisa Lisa, the main act who had to endure a short set due to the damn noise ordinance 11pm curfew, still brought the house down during her set which included “Take You Home,” “All Cried Out,” “Head To Toe,” “Lost In Emotion” and of course…

After the show, Jon La Lollipop texted me to meet him at Czar. Jon La May at Czar? On a Friday night? Unbelievable. After two double-shot frozen daquiris, Harry and I headed up to Czar to say hi AND bye to Jon. Yeah that’s right, My Daddy La May literally dipped out as soon as I walked inside… but I fulfilled my revenge on him with a drunken Myspace comment. 🙂 I had never been to Czar on a Friday night, and I must say that I hadn’t seen it that packed in a long, long time and the music was HOT… oh, I mean… MAJOR! Ben Chmura met me up there. We discussed his upcoming Sweatshop show (September 2nd so save that date) and enjoyed a few cocktails while watching Harry Mo “in action.” Uh huh. Eventually, I found myself at Chambers for a mere 5 minutes, no lie, just to make the upstairs rounds to say hello to everyone and then leave.

SATURDAY 07-23-07… My sister Katrina’s boyfriend, Sinclair was visiting from Orlando so I hung out with them during the day and before they hit up Busch Gardens. With all the stories she tells him, he thinks I’m crazy. It doesn’t help that the sole time that I met him was when Kristin took me to Orlando for my birthday last year, and we invaded Katrina’s apartment in full “Kristin & Okie” mode.

The plans for this night had already been mapped out for months now.


Okay, so I am aware that there are a shitload of you that detest everything that is Beyonce Knowles, and I will admit that I was not a HUGE HUGE fan of hers. She has songs that I like and I think that she is a great performer, but I wasn’t ‘crazy in love’ with her.

Kristin, my brother Steven MichaelRay and I all scored SECOND ROW FLOOR seats to The Beyonce Experience… and wow, what a fucking show! She performed everything, even Destiny’s Child classics and “Dreamgirls.” She shook her ass. She patted her weave. She did the scissor leg. She did an old school dance. She did the Naomi Campbell walk. She killed it! My fanaticism for her is on a high now after her show, and I absolutely LOVE HER.

Highlights: The bumblebee robotics of “Get Me Bodied” and the audience sing-a-long to “Irreplaceable” where B showed true appreciation to her fans for making her what she is today… a superstar.

And yeah… so what if she copies everyone else’s performances? When she does it so well, does it really matter?

My all-time favorite Beyonce song

(FYI Katina: Thomas was at the concert, so if you did happen to go with us… why do I have that sneaky feeling that you would’ve worn “the outfit” again??? Wink.)

SUNDAY 07-24-07… The last day of the weekend. The last day of this wonderful weekend. The last day before returning to the hell bent misery that is my job.

As I type the final sentences of this blog, I am patiently waiting for Kristin to get out of bed any minute now. We’re heading over to The Buddhist Temple for lunch with Shauna, before Kristin goes to Sarasota for the day and I return back home to lounge around and wait for “Rock Of Love” to come on. And YES, I intentionally watch White Trash with glee!

I had a lot of fun this weekend, and cannot wait for next weekend. …SHE-HAW at P-House in Orlando next Saturday at 8PM for Steven!!! Make a sign for him to hold up in the audience. Gina, Jon and I already have ours planned for our “Blanket.”

“Me myself and I
That’s all i got in the end
That’s what i found out
And it ain’t no need to cry
I took a vow that from now on
I’m gonna be my own best friend
Beyonce “Me Myself & I”

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