Sterlingo [09.30.2007]

Originally posted on MySpace on September 30, 2007:

My dear friend Sterling flew down from Chicago to continue celebrating her month-long birthday party here in Tampa, so I was 110% ecstatic about finally seeing her this weekend. This had been the longest time we’ve went without seeing one another since she moved to the Windy City last year. Despite that lengthy span of time, we still kept in touch with phonecalls, text messages and of course our e-mailing each other Monday thru Friday when we really should be working.

Two years ago, both of us met at a time in our lives when we were in full-fledged “party monster” mode. Every single night out: Platform dancing… Pants splitting… Fish Taco breath inhaling… “I got soul but I’m not a soldier” singing… And since then, both of us have calmed down considerably. (Shut up Billy, I don’t want to hear your rebuttal because I said calmed down considerably.)

I had an absolute blast last night at Ciccio & Tony’s and Czar and then Flirt and then Czar again and then GBar and then Czar AGAIN. Even though we both missed out on our planned day at Busch Gardens today because someone had a lil’ too much to drink last night… last night was ENOUGH to make this weekend the best in a long time.

Harry: “It’s not a night out unless someone ends up in the Emergency Room!” I’m glad you’re okay!

Rory, I’m so happy that you made it out last night! Such a surprise.

It was awesome to see EVERYONE out again.

Sterling, I love you. I promise to come back to Chicago to visit very soon!

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