Beautiful Sunday [11.11.2007]

Originally posted on MySpace on November 11, 2007:

So I decided to do something different from the usual dinner & nightclub routine that dominated the last 5 years of my birthday celebrations, and held a brunch for a few close friends at Jacksons today. Granted my birthday is on Wednesday the 14th, but I wanted to do something with everyone on a day that was most convenient to our schedules.

The weather outside could not have been any more perfect. The food at Jacksons was excellent, although as Justin and Billy pointed out, the desserts could use a makeover. And everyone seemed to be in great spirits. (Maybe because I prevented Billy and Harry from going out the night before my brunch?)

Whatever the case, I had the most amazing time today. And I guess it was evident judging from some of the post-brunch text messages that I received after.

Linley: “I’m glad that everything seems to be going back to normal.”

I know that things with me have been a bit funky and un-Okie like, but I am determined to make up for the last ten months with just enjoying the small things in life. I am turning 28 years old on Wednesday. Not that age is a big deal to me anymore, because I have no control over it. But my friend Dustin told me something on Friday that rang a bell so loudly. “When you get older, you’ll realize what and who is truly important to you, and you’ll start weeding out the good from the bad.” I guess that I am finally realizing this.

The night could not have ended on a better statement than one that my dear friend Harry told me… “Okie, you are loved. You have to realize how loved you are. Your friends LOVE LOVE you to death.”

I guess a statement like that reinforces and ties in what Dustin told me earlier.
Gina, I know that you were sick but your absence did not go unnoticed. Get well my love. Donna, Ben, Ryan, SAK, David Phan and Kelly… next time. Next time. And Cheri, I do love and miss you and do strongly believe that we are back on the right path now. I think that we’re steering in the right direction.

And YES I am smiling wide in every single photo, and not just because Katina and Linley told me to… but because I am… truly happy. 🙂

Thank You from the bottom of my 28-year-old heart!

P.S. This Tuesday, I will do it up like old times at GBar. I have off that Wednesday the 14th, my actual birthday, and with Chucky behind the bar and Judson and Billy coming out that night… I am ready to BRING IT!!!

“49 percent
1 percent short of half
And less than half
Ain’t really much of nothing”

I think I should lay off the self-bronzing lotion… what do you think???

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