My Best Friend’s Wedding [04.06.2008]

Originally posted on MySpace on April 6, 2008:

It was just another typical Thursday night at The Castle, and Katina was on a mission. The mission was pretty much the same among nearly all of my girl friends: to help them find a beautiful stranger to dance with and lose themselves to for the night. Whenever we would all go out, it was typical for them to ask me to point out the hottest guy in the room. They’d approach whoever I pointed out, and either come back and tell me: “He’s gay” or “He has a girlfriend” or “He’s blah!” But Katina went over to the guy I pointed out that night …and she never came back.

I had to find Katina to let her know that I was leaving for the night. Usually, she would leave when I left and I would walk her to her car. This time, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me that she was staying at The Castle with this new guy.

She called me the next day. She told me how much fun she had dancing with this guy at the Castle. They exchanged numbers. They made plans for a first date. His name was Justin.

One upon a time at The Castle of Tampa Bay…

She may hate me for saying this, but back in the day… Katina was hands down the wildest girl that I have ever met & probably will ever meet. It wasn’t just a “look at me being wild” attention-thing that most of those fake wannabes strive for. Katina always knew who she was. She was a girl who had fun without compromising being true to herself. (David Phan and Sterling, can I get a witness?!) She even gave Mr. Harry Morgan a run for his money, so much so that he jokingly came up with the “Hoe Hierarchy” to explain the (then) wild nature of our friends.

Harry: “There are three main members of the hoe hierarchy. There’s the Baroness hoe, Rory. There’s the Dutchess hoe, Cheri. And then there’s the Queen hoe of all the hoes in the land of hoe… Katina. When that hoe takes a shot of Jager and swings around the stripper pole, all the other hoes bow down and curtsy in respect.” (Obviously Harry was roasting her & being funny, and all three “former members” are in relationships now… but it was such a hilarious statement at the time.)

Even the life of the party…

…starts a new life with someone else

Hell had to freeze over for Katina to find someone that she was interested in. Guy after guy, date after date… there ALWAYS seemed to be something wrong.

“He has a receding hairline…
He doesn’t have a job…
He’s dumb as rocks…
He’s a cheapskate…
He made me pay for my own pizza…
He’s a nerd…
He chews with his mouth open…
His porcelain veneers have a grayish tint…
He wears white socks with dress shoes…”

I never thought that there’d come a day when this girl would find Mr. Right.

…BUT Katina found something very enticing in Justin. They’ve had their ups and downs through the years since that first meeting at The Castle, but what relationship is ever smooth-sailing?

“There’s no such thing as the perfect soulmate…
Your soulmate is the person that pushes all your buttons,
pisses you off on a regular basis…
It’s not easy having a good (relationship)
but I don’t want easy.
I thank God every day that I (am with) a man who made me think.
That’s my definition of true love.” -Madonna

Katina is marrying Justin TODAY.
It feels like just yesterday when they first met.

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