Rock Wit U [10.05.2008]

Originally posted on MySpace on October 5, 2008:

They say that I may as well just move to and live in Chicago with how many times a year I am up there… last weekend’s visit marked only the third this year.

Janet Jackson was playing at the Allstate Arena up in the Chi-town area, and JJ’s number 1 fan Ryan Prado happened to score awesome seats for her tour. This also happened to be Ryan’s first trip to Chicago ever.

Everytime I went back “home,” I would bring or be with a friend who had never been to the wonderful windy city. I first brought Cheri and Fabian. Steven MichaelRay came along for the fun the next time around. So did Katina and Billy. Gina followed afterwards. Linley, Doug, Bryan & Eric were up there for last Market Days. Now it was Ryan’s turn.

I have the most amazing friends up in Chicago… especially my Daddy Neil who never fails to make sure that our friends and I are always taken care of. Ask anyone who has ever met him, Neil is the bomb!

“You have some amazing people in your life.”
– Ryan Prado

DUH! 🙂
And to think that it all started with a random MySpace message from a beautiful curly haired stranger named Gina…

Janet and LL Cool J rocked it on Thursday night! It was touching to see her open her tour with “Pleasure Principle” and perform such classics as “Love Will Never Do” and “Alright” and “That’s The Way Love Goes.” Her 2 hour set was jam packed with nothing but the hits!

Sterling and Shira took Ryan and I to the Wired Magazine Nextfest at Millenium Park… something that came as quite a shock to anyone who knows me. For starters, I do NOT do touristy things when visiting a city. Ever. In fact, I had never seen Chicago during the daytime the first handful of times that I went up there. It was always fly in at night. Party up a storm. Sleep the next day away, wake up at night and repeat. …but it was nice to do something different for a change.

Ahem! Cheri and Danny… the above photos are proof that I am capable of doing other activities in Chicago besides laying in bed or lying on the couch or drinking Bloody Mary’s and mimosas all day!

Cloud Gate and the Virtual Waterfalls in Millenium Park were by far one of the coolest things I’ve seen in any city.

…but not as cool as Ryan Prado Jazz Hands in front of the Chicago Theater!

Cheers to Chicago!

Ryan, I am violently happy that you finally came to Chicago with me and witnessed what all the hype is about. I literally saw you come alive up there. This will only be the first trip of many more to come I’m sure. The trannies are coming!

I love you Neil, Gina, Vince, Sterling, Shira, Danny, Sara, Rob and everyone else. See you all again in 3 weeks.

I wanna rock with you
Let’s converse
Talk with your body
Don’t say anything at all
Janet Jackson’s Rock With U

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One thought on “Rock Wit U [10.05.2008]

  1. […] allowing my friends and I to crash at his place while he is away and working all weekend [READ: Janet Jackson Rock Witchu Tour]… or just plain spending the entire weekend watching movies and eating food with one another […]

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