The Bells [06.15.2008]

Originally posted on MySpace on June 15, 2008:

The bells are ringing. Actually, the bells have been continuosuly ringing this entire year. They’ve been ringing so much lately that the sound being generated from them has become nothing short of a constant humming vibration.

The bells first rang when Katina became engaged to Justin last year.

They continued to ring when Stephanie married Jason this spring.

They rang some more when Jenn married Max last month.

They rang some more with Chicago Sara accepting Aaron’s proposal.

The ringing bells became louder and louder, nearly reaching maximum heights when Kristin became engaged to Ben this month.

And tonight, the bells rang the loudest. Tonight’s ringing of the bells belonged to Donna and David.

After 34,349.93 years of breakups and makeups, David proposed to Donna at her graduation party, and she happily (and rightfully so) said yes. (FYI: Donna’s left hand now houses a ginormous Kobe-Bryant-purchased ROCK!)

So what gives with all of the back-to-back weddings and engagements? Is this all just a part of getting older? Or am I destined to star in my own real life version of 27 Dresses (er… Tuxes)?

A good friend of mine once predicted: “Okie, you are surrounded by a lot of friends who you love so much that you constantly put them before yourself. You’re standing in the middle of their circle right now, but they will all eventually start moving outside of the circle one day… getting married, having children… and you’ll still be stuck standing in the middle of that same circle at the end of the day. Standing alone.”

Most of my still-single friends would KILL BILL to be in some type of long-lasting, odds-defying, monogamous relationship. They’re just itching and scratching to find their soulmate partner. I, on the other had, have become so comfortably happy being single that I could never imagine EVER settling down.

So I still stand here. In the middle of this circle. And I will continue to happily stand here as long as there’s good music being played, strong drinks being poured and my close friends around who are happier than ever.

In the end, that good friend of mine predicted wrong. My friends are happy being in couples, and I am even happier… being single and standing in whatever damn circle I am supposed to be standing in. Let them fucking bells ring all decade long!!! Just make sure that all of these upcoming wedding receptions are OPEN BAR please.

Probability of who the bells will ring for next:

1. Tampa Gina

2. Linley

3 & 4. TIE – Chicago Gina & Rory

5. Ummm… just look at the photo below.
I should not even have Cheri included in this category!


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