The Late Twenties [11.14.2007]

Originally posted on MySpace on November 14, 2007:

I celebrated my 28th Birthday at GBar last night, my absolute favorite place to go on a Tuesday night. The problem with going is that I ALWAYS have to work bright & early the next day, and I never fail leaving that place seeing triple. Last night was no exception, but I was smart enough to schedule off from work today.

Today is my birthday, and I am feeling good. I woke up surprisingly early, went to lunch at The Laughing Cat with mi hermano Ricky, bought the Kenna and new Killers cd at Target (Alicia Keys was completely SOLD OUT), and am about to climb back into bed and take a nap. Tonight, I am going out to dinner with Donna and then coming back home to watch TV and go to sleep.

This week thus far has been nothing short of… perfect.

UMMMM… what is going on here? Who’s hand is that!!!

GOSSIP… I mean… GILMORE GIRL Billy Jolie and my Daddy the local celebrity, Jon La May

Wow Harry, you really stuck to your guns and stayed home last night! UH-HUH! YEAH

My two “baby-loves” SAK and Kristin

I LOVE TROUBLE… or in this case, I Love Nathan and Judson! Same thing! 🙂

Mary and Lisa (a.k.a. John Paul!)

Gary Gary Gary Gary Gary!!!

Dallas, Billy and I are all in the same “late 20’s” age box!

Shey and I engaging in a very profound conversation about next year’s election and Britney’s custody battle

Billy and Josh

The other Josh

Love me some Ruby Rube!

Two of my prison bitches!

What is SAK doing to me???

SHOTS OF LOVE with TILO Tequila!

Shey and

Jenna is the absolute hottest! I wanna marry her!

Josh broke it down with me last night!

Posing with the “world traveler” Charlie… planning joint Chicago trips!

The only person who freely volunteered herself to last night’s dancefloor molestation, even if she hasn’t washed her hands in five days!

What was up with the nose picking all night???

Ruby and I have a date in San Francisco next year

THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE! (That’s my drunk face below… as Katina would point out… Squinty-eyed, sweaty face and bucktoothed! That’s how you know I had a great night!)

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