What If It All Means Something [10.30.2008]

Originally posted on MySpace on October 30, 2008:

I have always firmly believed that everything happens for a reason.  Whether tragic or shocking, every event in life is the pathway to another experience… to a new experience.
I went with Nicole to Chicago this past weekend to see Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour. (FYI: The concert was the most amazing & energetic show I’ve seen in recent years… and not just because of the 10th Row Seats we had!)  While there, I began thinking of how fortunate I am to visit that city because of a beautiful stranger who randomly sent me a MySpace message 3-4 years ago.  That encounter led to a group vacation with friends in Chicago… which led to a friend moving up there from Tampa… which led to a friend meeting a man who would help inspire a move across the country… which led to a friend meeting her fiancé in that city… and on and on…

…the explosion that meeting Gina in Chicago 2 years ago created is a bit unbelievable at times…. and everything that happened as a result was all meant to be.

Have you ever met someone that you just know is meant to be in your life?  I have often engaged in discussions on the reality of love at first sight and the existence of soulmates… with me of course always being the optimist.  I may not have known that when Gina first messaged me on here nearly half a decade ago that we would share that special “connection” as friends… but when I first saw her pull up to Midway airport to pick me up, I just knew that we both were onto something good  …just by the mere sight of her pulling up to the curb in her car!

This weekend, a complete stranger in Chicago said something that literally captivated me when I first heard him say it, and has managed to stick with me ever since.

“I was meant to meet you.  We were meant to meet.”

I did not initially think that was the case, but a half-hour wait for the Red Line train… which led to a conversation about the Madonna concert with a stranger… which led to a lost cellphone on the train… which led to meeting back up half an hour later… which led to Jaeger shots at Fat Cat… which led to Nicole being told, “I just KNEW that you would find my phone!”… maybe it was meant to happen?

I find it funny how there are those people who you invest years and years into having a relationship with only for that relationship to chaotically fall to pieces.  No rhyme or reason is ever given, but you both just venture in different directions.  The tragic and bad endings were meant to be.  Then there are those strangers who give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that something more and something bigger will come.  It just amazes me how gigantic this world is, but at the same time… and at the right moment… how small it really is… and how the smallest situations and encounters in life can  sometimes lead to its biggest adventures.

P.S.  I love McShizzle!

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One thought on “What If It All Means Something [10.30.2008]

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