25 Randon Things About Me [01.28.2009]

Originally posted on Facebook on January 28, 2009:

1. I was born in Berlin, Germany
2. My family calls me “Okesene” or “Sene” but never “Okie”
3. I recently unearthed an obsession with Mint Royale
4. I believe in love at first sight
5. I believe in soulmates
6. I’m beginning to enjoy Facebook more than Myspace (Myspace = a nightclub advertisement forum)
7. I’m actually a bit nervous about meeting Beyonce this weekend
8. I tell myself that I’m not going to watch, but always wind up becoming an American Idol junkie every year
9. I know how to juggle
10. Dlisted is wayyy better than Perez Hilton
11. What’s the big hype over Lady Gaga? I just don’t get it even though I’m going to her concert in April
12. I succumbed to the Twilight books hype, and will confess that I am obsessed
13. I have a fear of frogs
14. I’m contemplating getting a sleeve tattoo
15. My cooking would pleasantly surprise you
16. I have a tendency to fall easily, but…
17. … also have a tendency to lose interest fast
18. I considered voting for the Republican ticket on this past Presidential Election
19. Kanye West, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and Bono are my music idols
20. I won’t have a problem aging… my Dad looks like he’s still in his late 20’s, but…
21. …I still actually use an anti-aging eye cream nightly
22. I sent/received over 5,000 text messages last month per my Verizon bill
23. Britney Spears was much more entertaining when she was a bald-headed, coochie-flashing, umbrella wielding party monster drunk
24. www.SquareOneFlorida.com
25. This was much harder than I thought it would be…

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