Can We Get Together? [02.17.2009]

Originally posted on MySpace on February 17, 2009:

Two of my most favorite people in the entire galaxy are arriving in town this weekend… Gina & Neil!

It’s been two years since my soulmate Gina was last in Tampa. I actually met her on Myspace through a random message [READ: How I Met Chicago Gina] and anyone who knows me knows how important she is to me and how that random meeting created such life-changing moments [READ: What’s Meant To Be]. It is tradition that I celebrate Gina’s birthday with her no matter where the location… her 30th at Celebrity & SmartBar in Chicago [READ: Gina’s Dirty Thirty Bday]… her 31st at Vince’s place & Boom Boom Room in Chicago [READ: Reciting my Bday Poem to Gina VIDEO]… her 32nd at Avalon in Los Angeles… and now her 33rd here in Tampa, Florida!

Neil was Gina’s roommate during their med school days, and instantly became one of my most nearest and dearest friends. He continually goes out of his way for me and any of my friends… be it housing an apartment full of drunks [READ: 2008 Market Days Weekend]… allowing my friends and I to crash at his place while he is away and working all weekend [READ: Janet Jackson Rock Witchu Tour]… or just plain spending the entire weekend watching movies and eating food with one another [READ: Chicago Lovers VIDEO].

So come out this weekend to play!!! I’M READY!

Friday, February 20th
Steam @ Honey Pot

Saturday, February 21st
8pm: Gina’s Bday Dinner @ L’Olivier (Centro Ybor)
I have Grace’s wedding that afternoon, but I will be out afterwards
followed by GBar

Sunday, February 22nd
12pm: Buddhist Temple
8pm: Travis France’s Bday @ Streetcar Charlie’s

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