Last Man Standing [05.17.2009]

Originally posted on MySpace and Facebook on May 17, 2009:

It always puts a smile on my face when all of your close friends come together for the sole purpose of a mutual friend who is in town. Cheri was visiting from L.A. this weekend, and I could not have needed her visit any more than I needed it this weekend.

It seems like life has finally reached that inevitable point where my nearest and dearest friends are either married, getting married, wanting to start a family, moving away, falling in love, and just simply growing up. So anytime anyone of them and I are able to synch our schedules to have dinner or meet up, I find myself being incredibly happy.

This past Friday when Cheri and I walked past the long line at Steam on our way to Reservoir Bar, she remarked, “Who are all these people standing outside? I don’t know anyone in this line.” This coming from someone who practically lived in and ruled the nightclubs just a short 2-3 years ago, and who introduced me to A LOT of people in social circles.

Strangely enough, I was the one who knew the vast majority of everyone in that line, which prompted Cheri to remark, “Omigod, you’re the last man standing!” … a statement obviously referring to the fact that I am the last out of our group of friends who is still going out and doing the stuff that we all did 5 years ago. For some reason, that statement spoke volumes to me and has been marinating with me since Friday and I never understood why until today… I had never realized the truth until it was directly told to me.

Nick and I often make jokes about being old like we did at The Castle last Thursday, but essentially… it is the truth. We are getting older. I am getting older. All of my close friends are able to place a check mark in “LATE 20’s” age box, but what happens when you’re about to place a check in the “30’s” age box? What happens next? What do you do?

I am turning 30 in November of this year, and I always thought that turning 30 would be a great thing and embraced this new era in life with open arms. There were a lot of things about my 20’s that I will not miss… figuring out who I was, being broke, being inexperienced to know better. But now I am wondering if I should still be ecstatic about turning 30 only because I am going to start embarking on a lot of wonderful new memories… possibly… and sadly… without those individuals who I shared the best memories of my 20’s with.

I miss Cheri. I miss Katina. I miss Steven MichaelRay. I miss Billy. I miss David Phan. I miss Jon La May. I miss Nick. I miss Gina. I miss Kristin. I miss Harry. I miss Jess. I miss Linley. I miss Donna. I miss Hilary. I miss Sterling. I miss SAK. It feels like I never see them, but everytime I do… I am instantly reminded that even though they may not be around as much as they once were, they are still a guaranteed source of happiness in any “last man standing’s” life.

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