Cheri’s Visit: August 2011

One of my absolute most craziest (& in a good way) friends, Cheri a.k.a. Emily Rose, came to visit Tampa this past weekend mainly to spend time with Kristin, who is a mere week away from having her first baby.  Cheri currently lives in Los Angeles, and moved there three years ago for a change in scenery and to be closer to her boyfriend (the just-as crazy) Michael.

I always love when an old friend comes to Tampa to visit, because it gives all my other friends a reason to come together and do something as a group.  This weekend was no exception.  Thursday night, we all congregated and partied at our old stomping grounds, The Castle, a nightclub in Ybor City.  Friday night, we had dinner at a tapas restaurant called SPAIN downtown and partied at The Honey Pot.  Saturday and Sunday, we pretty much just hung out and spent the day with one another.

What will stick in my mind from Cheri’s visit this past weekend will be our car ride with Nicolas to Taco Bus at 3am.  Listening to music loudly, singing together, making silly jokes, having the time of our lives.  Suddenly, I was transported back to the year 2006 where Cheri, Nicolas and I could find ourselves in the same exact setting.  Five years later, and here we were doing the same routine.  It felt nice to feel like nothing had changed, that Cheri still lived in Tampa and to feel like we were young again.

Cheri, I cannot wait until November when I will see you again!

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One thought on “Cheri’s Visit: August 2011

  1. […] I had a Holiday Dinner with friends to attend at Texas de Brazil the next day.  My good friends Cheri and Mike were in town from Los Angeles for just one day, and maximized their brief time in Tampa […]

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