Legally Fabulous

I first met my friend Jocelyn through my friend Derek. Derek is a very attractive, muscular, super fun, Med school graduate who has a way with the ladies and whom I have known for a decade. Through those 10 years, he has dated a handful of my girl friends, as well as numerous other girls who I forged a friendship with after their relationship fizzled. One of those friendships created as a result of the “Derek Factor” was with a girl named Jocelyn. I remember what Derek first told me when he started seeing her.

Derek: “Okie, you’re going to love this new girl that I’m seeing. She’s hot, she’s fun, she’s my age and she worships Madonna! Go to her birthday party with me!”

I went and met Derek out in Ybor City that evening for Jocelyn’s birthday. First impression of meeting this new girl, she was F-U-N! She had a youthful, high-energy spirit and despite her being surrounded by a huge posse of her closest friends, she immediately engaged in a conversation with me where I felt like I had already known her for years.

Eventually, Derek and Jocelyn decided that they were better off as just friends. And inevitably, Jocelyn and I decided that we were meant to be better friends.

Yesterday evening, Jocelyn and I decided to embark on the Tampa House Party Tour in less than five hours.

House Party Tour Stop #1, Jocelyn’s good ol’ friends Derek and Leslie’s in the Dana Shores area of Tampa where I sat back and listened to all of the crazy and hilarious stories of Jocelyn and her friends from back in the day.  It’s always interesting to hear long-time friends reminisce over the great times they shared with one another. (BTW: Holy dream house!)

House Party Tour Stop #2, my loves Niely and Tanya’s bungalow in South Tampa / Westshore area.  This was their first house gathering since moving in to their new place which is an older bungalow-style home last year.  Late last fall, Niely and Tanya were experiencing odd, random sounds in the house along with Niely’s two chihuahua’s just randomly either barking at doorways or cringing and hiding away. Could this older house actually be haunted?  The answer was a resounding YES after Niely witnessed her shoe magically fly across her bedroom one evening.  Yes, her shoe flew across the room.  So a couple of phone calls later, a medium arrived at their house to rid the home of bad spirits and negative energy, burning sage in-hand and all.  Luckily, everything has been normal since Niely called Ghostbusters.

House Party Tour #3 & final stop, new friends Phil and Joey’s posh condo in Channelside area.  Jocelyn and I met them both briefly before through mutual social circles, but actually engaged in a real conversation last weekend at Tully’s birthday party.  These guys are really friendly and warm, and are living in my dream condo with my dream dog.  Seriously.  If I lived where they lived, I would be throwing house parties every single weekend!

I was in bed by 2am after a fabulous evening out with fabulous friends and an even more fabulous sidekick and friend… Jocelyn Brenner.  They don’t make them any more fabulous than her!

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