Black & Gold

For one of my favorite gal pal’s special day, a small group of Jess’s close friends decided to celebrate her 26th birthday last Saturday with a very lowkey, intimate dinner at the new Boca Kitchen Bar & Market with drinks at Ciro’s Speakeasy & Supper Club, both locations in South Tampa.  Maybe it was the thrill of breaking out of the normal weekend routine and being somewhere new?  Perhaps it was reuniting with friends that I haven’t had the fortune of spending time with as often as I would like to lately?  Or maybe it was the energy of it all?  Whatever the case, last Saturday night was exactly what I was craving… great conversation, greater company & cocktails from Ciro’s comparable of being a religious experience.

“‘Cause if you’re not really here
Then the stars don’t even matter
Now I’m filled to the top with fear
That it’s all just a bunch of matter
‘Cause if you’re not really here
Then I don’t wanna be either
I wanna be next to you
Black and gold”
Sam Sparro’s Black and Gold 

Happy Birthday Jess!

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