The Iron Lady (film)

Movie Review: The Iron Lady

Can Meryl Streep do any wrong?  The best living actress, with a record 17 Academy Award and 26 Golden Globes nominations under her belt to prove it, is unshockingly pitch-perfect in director Phyllida Lloyd’s biopic of Margaret Thatcher.

Nicknamed The Iron Lady for her firm and stern role in power from 1979 to 1990, Thatcher was the only female and longest-serving British Prime Minister ever.  The film chronicles the history of Thatcher’s early life, her political ascension to power and the story of her marriage to her husband Denis (played by Jim Broadbent) all intertwined with her present-day battle with dementia.  It’s difficult for a filmmaker to paint the portrait of any infamous political icon.  With a sense of obligation to humanize the subject and document corresponding historical events accurately, entertainment value tends to become lost in translation; and most political biopics either leave viewers with a Sparks Notes history lesson, a great night out at the movies and hardly ever both.  Unlike film director Clint Eastwood’s recent J. Edgar Hoover biopic, The Iron Lady succeeds in clearly telling the story of its subject without losing the audience’s interest.  An immense majority of this triumph can be attributed to the brilliant performance by Meryl Streep.

Much admiration has been written and said about Streep’s Academy Award nominated performance as The Iron Lady.  Most of that praise goes unnoticed, mainly because it’s what one would expect of a Meryl Streep performance.  Not discounting this year’s other nominated Best Actress performances, but in comparison… Meryl’s Thatcher trumps them all.  To commend Meryl Streep for being great in a role would be like someone stating that the sun is bright.  It’s a known fact, so no need to point it out all the time.  I loved this year’s Best Actress frontrunner Viola Davis in the box-office sensation The Help.  Viola will most likely take the podium for her role as Abileen Clark at the Academy Awards this Sunday, but it will be Meryl Streep who yet again wins my heart for yet another masterpiece and historic performance.

Final Verdict:  SEE THIS

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