Eat This: Grow Cart

Dining Review: Grow Cart

Owners (and recently engaged) Devin O’Connor and Sashy Czarnec recently debuted their Grow Cart  food cart at the Loafing In The Park concert series in Centennial Park, which coincided with this past Saturday’s WMNF Tropical Heatwave event.  The Grow Cart is an extension of their non-profit organization, The Grow Group, Inc. which provides vocational rehabilitation services to individuals in Florida through job development and preparation, career planning and training and more.

Sashy showered my friend Lorena and I with complimentary tastings of their organic food offerings in exchange for a blog review of their cart’s first outing.  She only asked that I be honest in my critique, even if it were scathing and brutal.  Luckily for Sashy and Devin (and myself for the free bites), Grow Cart was very tasty and filling with the potential of fruitful promise!

Keep in mind that eating is my absolute favorite thing to do in the world!  While I do not consider myself an expert in cuisines and am not schooled on technical culinary jargon, I do know the simple “what tastes good, what tastes bad” and do consider myself an expert on recommending palatable and quality food to others.

The Grow Cart’s organic chicken sandwich was surprisingly very moist, so the roasted red pepper aoili sauce was just an added bonus.  Both the organic guacamole and hummus, served with pita chips were very smooth and tasted freshly prepared.  I only wish that fresh vegetables were an option with both to continue with the apparent “healthy-eating” motif of the menu.  My absolute favorite dish that was served was their all-natural sweet potato salad which was the perfect flavorful blend of various consistencies: creamy & smooth with a bit of crunch factor (pecans).  I could have easily devoured an entire plate full of it!

I didn’t have a “proper” digital camera to take photos that did justice to their food.  Please excuse the camera phone photos!

I would love to see the addition of more fruits and vegetables on the menu and a vegetarian sandwich option, but for the Grow Cart’s virgin outing… not bad, pretty good actually.  I can definitely see Sashy and Devin experimenting with more menu items in the future, and possibly grow-ing their Grow Cart into a full-fledged Grow Food Truck if they continue down the delectable path they just started on.  These two highly ambitious individuals bust their asses at everything they do, so it’s not a far off thought.

Congratulations Sashy & Devin!

Check out more about The Grow Group, Inc. here.

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