Pretty in Pink

Jocelyn and I attended Pride & Passion last year at the Tampa Museum of Art.  Pride & Passion is the Museum’s 2nd largest annual fundraiser, and last year’s event was a handful of fun.  The only major problem with last year’s event was that the majority of our friends weren’t there to experience it with us.

This year, Jocelyn and I both decided to raise the bar.  I was helping this year’s Steering Committee and Jocelyn signed up to be an event host.  A host’s responsibilities included spreading the word about the event and selling tickets.  An internal competition between others hosts ensued to determine who could sell the most tickets as each host received their own personalized ticket url link.  Game on!

Jocelyn and I “harassed” and “badgered” all of our friends to purchase their Pride & Passion tickets.  We enticed friends from Chicago, Los Angeles and Orlando to come in to town for the event.  We also decided to throw a “P” party with free drinks & appetizers at TAPS downtown Tampa for any guests that purchased tickets through her link as an additional incentive.  The “P” Party was our Private Pride & Passion Pre-Party with Personal Paparazzi.  (FYI: Jocelyn hired professional photographer Radko Keleman to document her evening of fun and follow her and her friends around.)  Eventually, the “P” Party also became a Pink Party as most of our guests decided to all incorporate the color pink into their attire.

Dressed in Hugo Boss and Betsey Johnson

We are still awaiting final word on whether Jocelyn won the host competition, but at last count… the Blonde Ambition Queen was leading the pack!

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2 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. Emily Rose says:

    These photos aren’t cute!!!!!! We need to dress up more often!!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Photos look wonderful. Looks like you all had a great time.

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