Yachts & Parks

I made a promise.  We made a promise.  Every Memorial Day and Labor Day holiday, I would meet my very good friends Neil from St. Louis Chicago and Jason from New York somewhere in the U.S.  Last Memorial Day, the three of us spent that entire weekend in Neil’s apartment the city of Chicago.  This year, we made plans to meet in Orlando.  (READ: The Big Easy & Back! September 12, 2011)

Earlier this week, I fell victim to the Black Plague flu that had already made its rounds through most of my coworkers and friends which (along with a couple of unforeseen factors and others’ acts of pure selfishness) prevented me from joining Neil and Jason in Orlando this weekend.  Sure, I was a bit depressed and saddened that I wouldn’t be with them this weekend, but decided to cheer myself up by: (1) remembering that I would be seeing them in New Orleans on Labor Day weekend, and (2) taking up gal pal and my other half, Jocelyn’s invitation to be her date & VIP guest to Cirque Over The Park at Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa on Saturday night.  Depression relinquished.  The event was a fab time, and Jocelyn can always be relied on to be the captain of your personal cheerleading squad when you need her the most.

Jokie’s standard photo op with Mayor Bob Buckhorn, this time at Cirque Over The Park

Without a question, my favorite weekend last year was celebrating Nick’s 30th Birthday down in Key West.  There was a certain indescribable energy that weekend where everything in the universe seemed to rightfully align and be in our favor: where good friends became greater friends and when life felt indestructibly perfect.  I remember flying to Key West to meet everyone who was already down there, and having no clue that the weekend would bring such a fun and hilarious time.  I could not have asked for a bigger hangover more fun that weekend at the Southernmost point!

Oh the silliness & shenanigans of that weekend in Key West last year!

This year, the approach to celebrating Nick’s 31st birthday was much more laid-back, relaxed and just, simply put… nice.

His best friend Josh drove in from Atlanta to surprise Nick and his very close friends with dinner on the Starship Yacht.  Being that the dinner was planned a bit last minute, only a few of us were able to enjoy the mini yacht excursion.  While partying in Key West last year was a blast, this year’s low-key festivities were just as equally rewarding and fun.  I think Josh jokingly said it best that evening aboard the ship: “this is how adults celebrate their birthdays in their 30s!”

Although much different than what was originally planned, this weekend was pretty spectacular.  It always brings a smile to my face knowing that I am still surrounded by people who love me just as much as I love them.

Quote of the weekend:
Jocelyn:  “Okie, walk down the street from Barbarella to meet me at Bradley’s for a drink.”
Me:  “I can’t.”
Jocelyn:  “Why not?”
Me:  “I’m scared.  What if a homeless person tries to eat me!?”

Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy

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