Scandal in Chicago

If you’re expecting to read some salacious, criminal account of my past weekend in Chicago solely based on the title of this post, then you surely are setting yourself up for major disappointment.  I was actually referring to producer Shonda Rimes’ new series, Scandal on ABC that I watched the entire amazing first season of while in Chicago this past weekend.  More about that later.

Chicago, Chicago, Chicago.  Oh Windy City, you and I have been in love since we first met six years ago.  (I actually met you seven years ago, but my overnight layover at O’Hare does not count.)  I’ve been there during most of my best friends’ virgin trips to you, and you have since yet to disappoint.

Last weekend was Mike Hammonds, Bryan and Carlos’ first times in Chi-town.

ROOF at the top of theWit downtown is a must for any Chicagoer

Sterling made the prediction when I first landed that this Chicago trip would be on par with the 50 Shades of Grey weekend of my second trip there.  A blog about that weekend could appropriately be called Scandal in Chicago without any reference to the ABC show.  However, this trip proved to be low-key, yet still a ton of fun.

I have a tendency to become useless and lazy while in Chicago.  Perhaps because I have been up there so many times?  Maybe because I’m on vacation, and partying while on vacation will require another vacation from that vacation?  Whatever the reason, I once flew up to Chicago on a Friday night, sat on Neil’s couch, watched a movie, ordered Thai food delivery, enjoyed a nap, only to repeat the same routine the next day and the day after that.  I literally flew up to Chicago to sleep and watch movies, and didn’t once leave the couch the entire weekend!

So okay, yes, I watched the entire first season of Scandal while in Chicago.  (I was never a fan of any Shonda Rimes’ show, but this one seems to perfectly blend the quirk and humor of her other series with the suspense and intrigue that Scandal begs to evoke.)  And okay, yes Mike Hammonds had to ban me and Neil from starting any other new television shows on HULU, but at least Sterling didn’t have to drag me out of the house like she usually does.

Chicago Summer 2012 Trip “Accomplishments”:

I got to hang out with her and got to know Adam better.  I only had to deal with Firecrotch Rob’s insults and jealousy for day and a half, and had Mike Hammonds around for Rob to make fun of and vice versa

I was able to see former Tampa residents Chase, Kaley, Ian, Carlos and of course Nathan who are all doing wonderful since moving on up (literally).  (Johnna, you’re on my hit list for next time.)

My soulmate Gina brought my tastebuds to an orgasmic climax with her frittata breakfast while making me listen to her favorite K-pop bands.   (READ about how I first met Gina & why I flew to Chicago for the first time HERE.)

From Bathhouse to Bathsalt Bryan

I was finally able to embark on my first trip with Mike Hammonds after being friends with him since vampire hunter Lincoln was in office.  I was also able to be a part of Bryan and Carlos’ annual “Pride in another city” experience.

Most importantly, I was able to spend time with my very dear friend Neil who is the centerpiece of this amazing spread of kick-ass friends and wonderful people we all are fortunate to have in our lives.

Until the next Chicago trip…

Jocelyn…  Mike and I may have temporarily turned into zombies up in Chicago!

Mine and Gina’s Summer Anthem:

“Mr. Simple” by Super Junior

Mine and Neil’s Summer Anthem:

“Zero Gravity” by Kerli

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