Summer Anthems of 2012

Every season and especially in the summertime, my good friends Neil and Gina crown a song as our “anthem for the (insert season here).”  “Walking on Air” by Kerli, “Touch The Sky” by Kanye West with Lupe Fiasco and “Hot Summer” by Monrose were all previous anthems of our summertime past.  Being that both Neil and Gina are Northerners who willingly endure the cold winter months just to revel in the warmth of the summer season, these anthems signify a farewell to the gloom and an open arms welcome to the sunshine euphoria.

Instead of crowning just one song as the 2012 Summer Anthem, I’ve instead listed ten singles all worthy of the honorary title.

Ladies & gentlemen, I present to you the first 2012 Summer Anthem Soundtrack below:

“Spectrum” by Zedd featuring Matthew Koma

“We’ll run where lights won’t chase us, hide where love can save us…”   Not to be confused with the latest single from Florence + the Machine, producer/DJ Zedd’s collaboration with newcomer Matthew Koma delivers a breakdown starting at the 1:10 mark that has “summer anthem” written all over it!

“We’ll Be Coming Back” by Calvin Harris with Example

“I don’t even care if I know ya, outta our minds, sad to leave it all behind…”  Picking up where he left off with this spring’s anthem “Feel So Close,” current it-boy Calvin Harris teams up with UK singer Example on what can be described as “Feel So Close Part 2″… and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

“No Gravity” by Kerli

“You make me float free…”  Estonian dance-pop star Kerli’s latest single is an aestival concoction of everything sugary-pop and dance.  Bonus kudos: Her “Walking on Air” was the summer anthem of 2008.

“Celebrate” by Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks

“See everybody’s been down in luck, Now finally things are looking up, The sun has chased all the rain away, No more obstacles in our away…”  The first single from the upcoming motion picture Sparkle soundtrack is a celebration of life, love, happiness, optimism and Whitney.  “Celebrate” is a simple reminder not of Whitney Houston, the troubled tabloid persona, but of Whitney Houston, the singer.

“Good Time” by Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City

“Woke up on the right side of the bed…”  As if Miss Jepsen hasn’t already infiltrated your head with her inescapable “Call Me Maybe” ditty, she returns with Owl City to inflict further penetration with another super-catchy pop confection.

“Still Getting Younger” by Wynter Gordon

“I’m like a harbor, I can be your savior, Let me push you under, Don’t want no other baby, I got you covered, our love is growing and getting younger…”  This song is as timeless as its accompanying music video, which could have easily been released in 1987.

“Move In The Right Direction” by Gossip

“I’m moving forward with all of my might, I’m heading toward a new state of mind…”  The second single from Gossip’s A Joyful Noise release is a motivational self-help declaration that will send you straight to the dancefloor.  God bless Beth Ditto!

“Cameo Lover” by Kimbra

“You turn from the skies, You dance with your demise, I’ll be here when you come home…”  Out to prove that she’s not just the girl who sang on the Earth’s most overplayed song, Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” singer Kimbra’s latest from her Vows album will undoubtedly help her loosen any potential one-hit wonder shackles.

“Get Free (Bonde do Role Remix)” by Major Lazer

“We’re all together in the same boat…”  From the musical project responsible for that  grating yet enslaving beat sampled on Beyonce’s “Run The World” comes their latest offering.  The Bonde do Role Remix brings a Bollywood-sound to their dance party.

“Birthday Girl” by Starshell

“I’m in here until it’s last call…”  After bursting onto the scene after co-penning Kanye West’s 2008 “Love Lockdown” hit single, singer LaNeah Menzies returns with her first single, an anthem in its own right for any birthday-celebrating lady.

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