“Angels” by The xx

So The xx finally released their much anticipated new single “Angels” yesterday, and to no surprise, it’s been a constant staple on my iPod, iTunes, Spotify, you name it.  My friend and yoga instructor and Prosecco bottle-chugging partner Melissa Carroll turned me on to The xx.  I remember her exact words when telling me about them: “oh Okie, it’s great music to play when writing… even though it’s stoner music for most people.”  And that it has been since that very introduction.  (I’m not referring to it as ganja background music.)

Vocals have not sounded more pure or as effortless as singer Romy Madley Croft’s do on “Angels.”  (Extra kudos to her name being Romy.)  Even stripped of any layered production, the song soothingly glides along yet reigns as the English band’s most powerful song to date.  Earlier interviews stated that the English indie-pop band’s next album would move into a more dance-oriented sound.  However, they chose their most mimimalist song to release as their lead single from an alleged “club” album.

Coexist, The xx’s second album, will be released on September 10, 2012 which cannot come any sooner since the band’s first album, xx, is still on my playlists’ heavy rotation.

“Light reflects from your shadow
It is more than I thought could exist
You move through the room
Like breathing was easy
If someone believed me
They would be
As in love with you as I am…”
from “Angels” by The xx

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