Sleeping in San Diego

I have known Harry Morales a.k.a. Harry Morgan a.k.a. Morgan Morales a.k.a. the artist formerly known as Harry a.k.a. he who shall not be named a.k.a. Tyler Durden (why not!) for over 21 years now.  (For reasons of this blog’s continuity and the sake of my own sanity, I will refer to him / Morgan as Harry since that is the name I’ve known him by since the 6th Grade.)  Despite attending the same schools and running the same circle of friends since the Clinton-Bush Sr. election, Harry and I didn’t officially become friends until the night of my 24th birthday party.  I hadn’t seen him since our Senior Year of High School, and he came to my party as the plus one of a former mutual friend of ours.

In life, there are those people you meet who share your same exact interests and are amazing human beings.  Yet despite the common ground, you find yourself oddly not becoming close friends with them for whatever unknown and unexplained reason.  Then there are those individuals in life who share just one moment with you, and just that one moment is enough to let you know that they are meant to be in your life.  Harry became one of those individuals when we re-connected that evening of my 24th birthday party.


And since then…  I’ve seen him travel the word because of a job, forcing me and my liver to attend several (sometimes unnecessary) “Going Away” and “Welcome Back” parties.  I once saw him just up and move to Seattle just because he could.  And just a few weeks ago, I witnessed him head out West to San Diego to start the next chapter in his life.

I remember being overwhelmed with sadness and feeling devastated when Harry moved in 2005 to Seattle.  My best male friend who traveled with me, who joined me at my family functions, who taught me a lot about life, who I got into a LOTTTT of trouble with was no longer 10-minutes away.  Despite the distance, we remained close friends, and when he moved back to Tampa a year later, it was as if nothing had changed.

They say you can tell who your real friends are when distance, time and separation fail to cause any changes.  They also say that true friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable.  And they, whoever they may be, are absolutely, unequivocally, 100% right.

Morgan Farewell 2013

Even though I have that gut feeling that this particular move to San Diego will be more permanent than the others, I wasn’t at all sad with Harry leaving this time around.  I wasn’t upset.  I wasn’t bothered.  More than anything, I was happy that my friend took this next step in his life because when life becomes motionless, you HAVE TO MOVE.

I already experienced him moving once before and know that nothing is going to change with our friendship.  Sure he may not be a mere 10-minutes away, and yeah, he can’t just meet me at the nearest bar so that I can emotionally unload and ask for his advice.  But as Harry would say himself: “that nigga’s family now” and blood is thicker than Tequila.


“Mr. Brightside” by The Killers… the song that became our anthem during the summer of 2005!

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One thought on “Sleeping in San Diego

  1. Harry aka Morgan aka That Ho! says:

    You Know…..

    I have come to chronicle our shared memories with very short titles labeled on mixed CD’s which are crafted for me periodically. I use them to reference an approximation of which good time you are sometimes referring such as: Haraokie, Junior Holla Division, Take That Morgan!, Dried up Potato Balls, Low down dirty Asian and my personal favorite, Nigga! No One Want Yo Crock,

    You know you have met a genuine soul mate when their are simply too many great memories to remember them all. Each of you possessing pieces of stories that the other requires to refill the gaps overtime. We have entire conversations thru a series of slight gesture and eye movements, I think sometimes we use words just so the other people in the room won’t think we’re talking about them……” which sometimes we are”

    I have always believed that there are 2 defining qualities to the closest people in my life. They actually show up and they make you laugh! and you sir have always set the curve!

    I have come to rely on you for more than you know and am proud to be associated with the striking and dynamic character that is Okie and in my eyes; Pop Culture aficionado, Food connoisseur, Event Coordinator, Photography Whore ,Sounding Board,Goofball, Family and Friend!

    Hope to see Yo ‘Ol Trickin Ass Soon! XOXO

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