Jason’s Visit: May 2013

Jason Moriarty Okie May 2013

Jason’s annual springtime trip back home to Tampa occurred last weekend.  The last time that I saw Jason was during his 30th Birthday gathering up in NYC earlier this year. (READ: Concrete Jungle post)  Since there was zero photographic evidence that I was up there celebrating three decades of his fabulous existence on Earth, our first mission for this Tampa reunion was to take at least one damn photo together.  (Fun Fact: The second mission was to order Hungry Howie’s pizza and revel in their garlic and cajun crust pizzas.)  Missions accomplished.

It is a guaranteed riotous time when Jason is in town.  Even though both of us are now in our 30s, it would seem to outsiders that we are freshly 21 every time that we come together.

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“You Set Me Free” by Angie Miller…  Saturday, May 11, 2013.  3:45am.  Jason is  running to the nearest gas station in search of cigarettes.  Nick is running after Jason.  Literally.  Melissa is peacefully practicing Shavasana on the living room couch.  And the above music video found itself on repeat on my Apple TV.  Such a stunning song from an American Idol contestant who should’ve been in this week’s Finale.  Never fails in giving me goosebumps every single time I hear it!

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