Just Four Things

Towards the tail end of last year and the very beginning of this year, my life could best be described by the lyrics of the Ben Lee song “Nothing Much Happens” which deliberately repeats the line:

“…a lot goes on but NOTHING happens!”

Although so much was going on in my world, nothing concrete or tangible was coming out of it.  Don’t get me wrong, I am always that individual who prefers staying busy.  It’s just that the older I’ve become, I realize that there is no point in intentionally staying busy when there are no clear finish lines or reward for crossing over one.  Time is way too precious.

I decided this year that I would start / accomplish / master / conquer four different goals set for myself that would positively effect me physically, mentally, creatively and virtuously.  Just four things.  That would be all that I need to feel that there was a meaning for my choosing to live a busy life.

Below are those four goals that I shall hurl myself towards this year:

#1 HEALTH, BODY & MIND:  I will start and finish the 8-week Insanity®‎ Workout Program.

Poor health was seeming like it was a part of my family’s genetics.  My sister tackled this crazy, intense workout program last year, and I’ve heard and read the numerous first-hand success stories.  After shedding 15lbs last year by simply changing what I was eating, Insanity®‎ seemed like the next logical step in my obsession and thirst for living a long and problem-free life.  Insanity® is just as much of a mental exercise as it is a physical one.  Plus, just like Insanity®‎ creator Shaun T remarks about  why he endures his strenuous workout regimen: “I wanna look good!”

#2 EDUCATIONAL & CULTURAL:  I will learn a new language with Rosetta Stone®‎.

The enticing signage would read: “Have you ever wanted to speak a different language?”  And I would always find myself stopping at every mall’s Rosetta Stone®‎ kiosk.  Despite the truth that I slept through the two years of Spanish that I miraculously passed, I have indeed always wanted to be fluent in another language.  The solution was simple: I would purchase the program and dedicate a minimum of 30-minutes a day to speaking Spanglish into a microphone headset.  No more interrupted shopping adventures at the Rosetta Stone®‎ kiosks in my future!

#3 CREATIVE:  I will begin lessons to learn how to play a musical instrument.

Just like learning a new language, I have always wished to channel my inner-Springsteen and play a musical instrument.  Music is my life, and one would think that my passion for it stemmed from a creative involvement in it.  It’s not like I’d be going on tour anytime soon or starting up my own band, but playing an instrument is something that I should have on my resume, and there couldn’t be a more perfect time to begin then now.

#4 BENEVOLENT:  I will serve a charitable purpose through lending my time, energy and gifts towards an altruistic cause.

I’ve always found amusement with those individuals who constantly feel the necessity to brag and boast about their involvement with the community or service to a local charity.  While their efforts should undoubtedly be applauded, the intention of helping others should always be completely selfless.  Yeah, a good deed is a good deed, but is there truly a need for a Facebook and Twitter press release to document the good deed?  Whatever I choose as my benevolent goal this year will go undocumented online.  It will only exist between me, myself and the universe.

With everything said, I am starting Week 5 of Insanity® this week and will be finished with the Program right before my Labor Day weekend New Orleans trip.  I’ve been asked by several friends and co-workers to upload Before & After photos. With four more weeks to go, I’ll post the After photo when I am completely finished, but for now… here’s a teaser.

Okie Insanity 1

“All too often I set my life aside.
All Too often my dreams went sailing by.
A chance of freedom, a chance of fate, a chance I’ll take…”
“Anywhere But Here” by k.d. lang

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