There comes those times in life, unexpected and abrupt, where you need to press the pause button, drop everything that you are doing and take care of a personal matter.  This week turned out to be one of those times, which can accurately be best described as the longest week that surprisingly flew by.  It’s during those times that you also further realize how valuable and priceless life is, and what tiny amount of time we all have to enjoy it.

As public as this blog is, even I find it contradictory with how private of a person I really am.  I tend to divulge certain information to a very limited group of friends on a need-to-know basis, mainly because of my dislike for sympathy and pity.  I find zero therapeutic benefits in talking to and confiding in others.  I am known to emotionally close myself off to others.

However this week, it WAS very heartwarming and comforting to receive my close friends and coworkers’ concern, well-wishes, hugs, thoughts and prayers.  It literally brought tears to my eyes, and a smile to my heart.

20130723-190609.jpgMy mom is okay.

“Hey Mama” by Kanye West… one of my favorite songs by Yeezus!

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