Ken Walters’ 16th Annual Celebrate Sinatra 2013 Gala

Celebrate Sinatra 2013

News broke last week that Ken Walters‘ 16th Annual Celebrate Sinatra gala would be moved from The RITZ Ybor to The Cuban Club due to The RITZ’s remodeling schedule.  After four years of being held at The RITZ, it was a welcome change to experience Celebrate Sinatra at a new location.  Every longstanding annual event faces difficulties staying fresh, and changing locations every now and then is one perfect solution of reinvention.  The Cuban Club is a historic events venue in the Ybor City district.  It had been years since I last attended an event at that venue, so I completely forgot how massive the space was.  The event fit perfectly with the new location, although air conditioning thermostats should be set to 70 degrees during the early morning set-up of an event especially when preparing for one that is black-tie suggested in the summertime.

Celebrate Sinatra is an annual summer tradition for me and Jocelyn.  We continually boast that the summer season belongs to Jokie because of the must-see events that take place starting with Pride & Passion at the Tampa Museum of Art, and continuing with Camp Jocelyn, the Ultimate Bands Series at The RITZ, Celebrate Sinatra and concluding with her bday festivities.  The Jokie moniker was actually conceived (while over several martinis) at a Celebrate Sinatra gala, so the event has sorta become our friendship anniversary and ode to our summer season together.

Cheers to summer never ending!

“Hot Summer” by Monrose…
the ULTIMATE, SUPREME, REIGNING song of summer!

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