Nude Nite Tampa 2014

Nude Nite 2014 B

An Ybor City Warehouse recently transformed into a three-night art exhibition celebrating the beauty of the human body.  The reason was for Nude Nite, the popular art event that began 14 years ago in Orlando and that eventually expanded onto Tampa Bay’s art scene shores.  The event is a total imagery overload from the “WOW” art of all mediums to the live body painting and performance art to the fun and interactive installations.  Each and every year, I look forward to seeing what Nude Nite founder Kelly Stevens and company will unveil for the thousands that flock to this event.

Nude Nite 2014 A Nude Nite 2014 C

What I love most about Nude Nite is that it’s not just another art event, but a true sensory experience.  I love the variety with changing locations each year.  I love the rock & roll feel of taking over empty buildings and abandoned warehouses.  I love how big city the event becomes with its diverse audience and art-buying patrons.

An experience, and not just an event.  That is something that I, an event organizer myself strive for each and every time with any of my own events.  The art and the performances at Nude Nite are on display just as much as the entire Nude Nite event is.  When most event organizers seek to bring that experience-factor to their events, Nude Nite always triumphs because the event in itself is a stunning and true work-of-art.

Definitely add this event experience to your 2015 calendars!

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