The ROAR of a Perfect Party

How to throw a PERFECT PARTY

Jaime Bday14

My friend Jaime knows how to throw a party!  Every year, she selects a different theme for her birthday and transforms my dream house her house into her very own magically themed wonderland for the evening.  From the catering to the decor to the handcrafted cocktails to the glassware and tableware, everything is handled with detailed attention and an atmosphere of hype among her invited guests is created.

This year, Jaime chose the roaring 20s as the backdrop for her celebration.  All of her guests were clothed in their most stunning flapper and Jay Gatsby ensembles.  Cocktail connoisseur and genius Ro Patel concocted a handcrafted cocktail menu of muddled and shaken masterpieces.  And a stunning dessert bar was on display parading cake pops and bite-size creations that resembled featured accent decor from Z Gallerie.  “Should I eat this?… but this is too pretty to eat,” constantly ran through my head.

Jaime Bday14 Dessert 02

Every party that Jaime and Jaden host should be the blueprint for any EVERY party thrower in their mid-30s to follow.  Food, cocktails, friends, and a helluva lot of personality and heart with a splash of creme de violette.  It also doesn’t hurt to have various theme props around your house for your silly friends to snap even sillier photos with at the end of the night.

Happiest Birthday again to my friend Jaime!

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“Sleeping With A Friend” by Neon Trees: Press play if you want this song to stay stuck in your head for the rest of the weekend! Let’s all sing along…

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