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Originally posted on August 14, 2011:

So this is my very first original post to this website since deciding to take up my good friend Jeremy Gloff’s advice and start documenting my life online again.  The goal was to transfer all existing old blog & online entries from other websites & merging them into one online spot, and then starting anew.

Many years ago, before the domination of Facebook and Twitter, and even before the rise of the now antiquated MySpace, I would take photos of me and my friends simply enjoying the luxury of being carefree twenty-year olds.  I remember purchasing disposable cameras at Walgreens, bringing these cameras out every single time my friends and I would leave the house, and spending the entire next day scanning these photos at Kristin’s house; uploading them to a website called Webshots to share with my friends and whomever.  I was 23-years old and completely in love with my friends, the new memories that I was making, the laughter, the happiness and everything about life in general.

With the rise of MySpace in the early 2000′s, I began documenting my life’s favorite memories by writing and taking taking photos of the first times I visited Chicago, Toronto and New York City, seeing my longtime idol Madonna in concert, witnessing my friends fall in love and getting married and having children.  As silly as it may sound, in a way, blogging and documenting these monumental events and favorite memories lent a certain stability to my life.

With the downfall of Webshots and MySpace, I, like the other hundreds of millions of human beings on this planet, became an active Facebook and Twitter user.  The ability to catch up on worldwide, local and social circle news in instant time was uber-convenient.  How I could log-on these websites and just briefly glance at a “Status Update” and/or “Tweet” to have an idea what was going on helped drastically minimize the amount of time I spent online.  I was getting busier in life and with work, and the quick-speed ease of these websites proved beneficial.

However, those same websites also proved to be very impersonal.  I found myself talking less and less to friends, and relying more on a “Status Update” rather than a lunch or dinner date to help inform one another of the goings-on’s of each other’s lives.  More importantly, I became so dependent on the convenience of insta-documenting my life with a “Tweet” that I failed to properly keep any type of proper documentation of my life for the past three years.

I regretfully deleted my Webshots account several years ago, losing a countless number of photos of me in my early 20′s.  Before I decide to delete my MySpace account, I salvaged all of the blog postings and comments and uploaded them online here.  Those postings and photos are my keepsakes; time capsules of those specials moments in life.  Just rereading them instantly brought back those feelings I experienced at those particular times.  They made me smile, they made me cry, they made me laugh.  I don’t regret a lot of choices I’ve made in life, but they made me regret not continuing to post.

Three years have now passed, and rather than playing catch-up with what has happened since… I vow to post as I go along on this curvy path called life.  This new website will be an acknowledgement to those numerous requests from friends and loved ones to actively blog: an online venue of self-expression, and a documentary and a love letter to my life and most importantly, to you.  Thank you for taking the time to read these words & I hope you enjoy my next words for years to come!


One thought on “About This Site

  1. paul okesene says:

    malo okesene,my name is paul pasene okesene and i was just interested if there was a story behind your first name.my grandfather was Dr moananu ioane okesene and often when he would deliver babies into this world the parents would name their baby after him (don’t know why ?maybe for respect or something along those lines).i take it u know it means oxygen in samoan.my ext family says all okesene’s are gotta be related or connected being a first name or last name.
    anyway we share the same name and we have the same birthday 14 nov,it looks like u r enjoying life and i hope i find u well.thank you for ur time and u r doing proud all the okesene’s around the world…and samoans too.ia manuia uso

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