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Last Man Standing [05.17.2009]

Originally posted on MySpace and Facebook on May 17, 2009:

It always puts a smile on my face when all of your close friends come together for the sole purpose of a mutual friend who is in town. Cheri was visiting from L.A. this weekend, and I could not have needed her visit any more than I needed it this weekend.

It seems like life has finally reached that inevitable point where my nearest and dearest friends are either married, getting married, wanting to start a family, moving away, falling in love, and just simply growing up. So anytime anyone of them and I are able to synch our schedules to have dinner or meet up, I find myself being incredibly happy.

This past Friday when Cheri and I walked past the long line at Steam on our way to Reservoir Bar, she remarked, “Who are all these people standing outside? I don’t know anyone in this line.” This coming from someone who practically lived in and ruled the nightclubs just a short 2-3 years ago, and who introduced me to A LOT of people in social circles.

Strangely enough, I was the one who knew the vast majority of everyone in that line, which prompted Cheri to remark, “Omigod, you’re the last man standing!” … a statement obviously referring to the fact that I am the last out of our group of friends who is still going out and doing the stuff that we all did 5 years ago. For some reason, that statement spoke volumes to me and has been marinating with me since Friday and I never understood why until today… I had never realized the truth until it was directly told to me.

Nick and I often make jokes about being old like we did at The Castle last Thursday, but essentially… it is the truth. We are getting older. I am getting older. All of my close friends are able to place a check mark in “LATE 20’s” age box, but what happens when you’re about to place a check in the “30’s” age box? What happens next? What do you do?

I am turning 30 in November of this year, and I always thought that turning 30 would be a great thing and embraced this new era in life with open arms. There were a lot of things about my 20’s that I will not miss… figuring out who I was, being broke, being inexperienced to know better. But now I am wondering if I should still be ecstatic about turning 30 only because I am going to start embarking on a lot of wonderful new memories… possibly… and sadly… without those individuals who I shared the best memories of my 20’s with.

I miss Cheri. I miss Katina. I miss Steven MichaelRay. I miss Billy. I miss David Phan. I miss Jon La May. I miss Nick. I miss Gina. I miss Kristin. I miss Harry. I miss Jess. I miss Linley. I miss Donna. I miss Hilary. I miss Sterling. I miss SAK. It feels like I never see them, but everytime I do… I am instantly reminded that even though they may not be around as much as they once were, they are still a guaranteed source of happiness in any “last man standing’s” life.

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Can We Get Together? [02.17.2009]

Originally posted on MySpace on February 17, 2009:

Two of my most favorite people in the entire galaxy are arriving in town this weekend… Gina & Neil!

It’s been two years since my soulmate Gina was last in Tampa. I actually met her on Myspace through a random message [READ: How I Met Chicago Gina] and anyone who knows me knows how important she is to me and how that random meeting created such life-changing moments [READ: What’s Meant To Be]. It is tradition that I celebrate Gina’s birthday with her no matter where the location… her 30th at Celebrity & SmartBar in Chicago [READ: Gina’s Dirty Thirty Bday]… her 31st at Vince’s place & Boom Boom Room in Chicago [READ: Reciting my Bday Poem to Gina VIDEO]… her 32nd at Avalon in Los Angeles… and now her 33rd here in Tampa, Florida!

Neil was Gina’s roommate during their med school days, and instantly became one of my most nearest and dearest friends. He continually goes out of his way for me and any of my friends… be it housing an apartment full of drunks [READ: 2008 Market Days Weekend]… allowing my friends and I to crash at his place while he is away and working all weekend [READ: Janet Jackson Rock Witchu Tour]… or just plain spending the entire weekend watching movies and eating food with one another [READ: Chicago Lovers VIDEO].

So come out this weekend to play!!! I’M READY!

Friday, February 20th
Steam @ Honey Pot

Saturday, February 21st
8pm: Gina’s Bday Dinner @ L’Olivier (Centro Ybor)
I have Grace’s wedding that afternoon, but I will be out afterwards
followed by GBar

Sunday, February 22nd
12pm: Buddhist Temple
8pm: Travis France’s Bday @ Streetcar Charlie’s

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Reasons to Smile in 2009 [01.02.2009]

Originally posted on MySpace on January 2, 2009:

Reasons to SMILE in 2009:

1. The Year of the Weddings

2. March > April

3. Summer & Fall

4. August 1st to 2nd

5. November 14th

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OMG 2008: The Soundtrack [12.19.2008]

Originally posted on MySpace on December 19, 2008:

Whoever first said that time flies by faster the older one gets is hopefully experiencing an afterlife of well-deserved bliss, because that statement could not have rang more true than it did this year. 2008 rushed by faster than the speed of light. Never have I met so many new people or experienced so much change. Every year around this time, I typically post some fancy year-end blog set to a soundtrack of the year’s most memorable songs… however this year’s blog was a bit more difficult given the 365 +1 days of memories that crammed 2008.

Seriously, this year was ABSOLUTE madness… but in the best way possible.

These are the songs that remind me of the year’s most memorable moments and people. These are the songs that truly capture the momentum and spirit of 2008. So here goes kiddos and blog stalkers, hike up your speaker’s volumes… make sure you’re sitting in a comfy position… and PRESS PLAY below… for this is the soundtrack to my life (the ongoing musical) in 2008…

IF I WERE A BOY BY BEYONCE: Five people will forever come to mind whenever I hear ‘If I Were A Boy’ by Beyonce.

(1) Jess, my Asian Persuasion who first bonded with me over a conversation on Freeport, Illinois at the now defunct 7 14 Lounge. She played the hell out of a Beyonce Greatest Hits disc that I made her which included this song. Plus her ‘hoe phone’ is constantly blowing up every time I am around her. Any guess on what her ringtone is? My favorite memory of 2008 with ‘Okie’s sister’ (as Dallas loves to call her) is our night out together at Eric’s Birthday Party at The Columbia. It was her very first night stepping foot into Steam where she has since become a regular club staple, and the first night that we ever danced together. I wouldn’t want to sing ‘Hot Summer’ or ‘Dirty Pop’ with anyone else but my dirty pop lil’ Kim Chee hot mess on the cob named Jess. Plus, she plays this song at the drop of a dime whenever I am shouting song requests from her car’s back seat at 3am.

(2) Nathan, my morning ‘Christmas present unwrapper’… because for weeks straight he was ALWAYS singing this song. Tired of the club scene, he and I decided to cook dinner together one Thursday night and avoid The Castle at all costs. One shepherd’s pie, one pasta salad, one ‘better than sex’ chocolate cake and two bottles of wine later at his place… here I found myself partying at Georgies in St. Pete with him and then Patron shot-downing at The Castle later. Mind you… I was preparing for an evening of staying indoors, so I was dressed in a wine stained shirt, flip flops and torn shorts. To make sure I wasn’t the only gutter trash hobo present, I forced Nathan to change into matching attire and show off those hairy ass legs before we ventured out. 2008 was the year Nathan and I paraded around the nightclubs and streets of Tampa and New York City as the year’s Partida Drinking Champions.

(Rubbing Nathan’s surprisingly hairy lower back) Okie: Gizmo? Is that you?

(3) Hilary, my unemployed Manhattan socialite favorite… my birthday this year was the best ever because of my New York trip to visit her and Sammie. I remember lying in bed together and playing ‘If I Were A Boy’ on my iPod for her. She loved the song so much that I had to whip out the laptop and You Tube the music video for us to overanalyze and dissect as if it were a Federico Fellini cinematic masterpiece. I still cannot help but laugh and smile at the thought of us walking down the streets of Manhattan on our way to G-Lounge singing this song, changing the lyrics to reference Sammie’s camel toe or forcing Nathan to play his Beyonce ringtone on the subway so we could have our “If I Were A Boy” fix for the moment.

(4) Victoria, or as Cheri likes to call her… VICCCTTTOOORRRIIIAAA VICCCTTTOOORRRIIIAAA… on our way to Doug and Linley’s Annual Halloween Party, Steven popped in the new cd I burnt for him that had ‘If I Were A Boy’ on it. As the song finished, Victoria repeated the track only to post a Myspace bulletin with the song lyrics later that night. ‘Sometimes… Beyonce surprises me.’ As serious as Victoria was when she made that statement, I still giggled a little bit. I believe she’s still rocking out to that burnt cd, because Steven never got it back from her.

(5) Steven MichaelRay, my twin MESSiah brother… if 2007 was our downfall, then 2008 was our comeback. My most favorite memory of Steven has got to be smoking on Neil’s balcony in Chicago trying to figure out what the graphic was on his hat. Was it an astronaut? Was it a seal? Or maybe both? My stomach hurt so badly from laughing so hard with him. Given the juvenile extremities of our conversation, was it necessary to constantly interrupt Neil and Cheri watching their movie by doing ‘Sparkle Grape Soda’ impressions? Amid the excessive silliness, we were reminded of how blessed we were to have our friendship rejuvenated. The overnight layover in Atlanta would have been annoying if it were with anyone else. We slept in those nasty leather seats with the harsh fluorescent light blaring down and that damn custodian vacuuming around our area for what seemed like 4 hours. Reuniting with Steven this year only reinforced the truth that no matter what direction life takes us or how far time separates us, we will irrefutably return back to one another.

I would turn off my phone
Tell everyone it’s broken
So they’d think that I was sleeping alone
I’d put myself first
And make the rules as I go
If I Were A Boy by Beyonce

Give It 2 Me by Madonna: The Seattle crew was in town for Harry’s 29th Birthday Weekend, and it was my first time meeting the much-hyped Jae Jae. I was literally falling asleep when he and Mel arrived in town that Friday night, but their infectious excitement to be in Tampa for the weekend along with Jae Jae’s constant demands for this song to repeat on the way to Ybor remind me of the berserk moments of that weekend. For starters, Jess and I have not ‘twirled’ on the dancefloor since Jae Jae went back to Seattle.

Jeremy Gloff and I ran the same circles of mutual friends but never had an open opportunity to realize how connected we truly are until our ‘Hard Candy’ album release party field trip to the Virgin Megastore in Orlando with Harry and Nicole. We played the entire “Hard Candy” album on the way back to Tampa, but it was ‘Give It 2 Me’ that managed to waken a comatose Harry in the backseat.

Beautiful Boy by Jeremy Gloff: What a delight it was for Jeremy to ask me to help him with his 1987 album release party! After a meeting of the minds at The Cheesecake Factory one weekend afternoon, he and I both came up with the best pr gimmick… the 1987 Cassette Wall photos. Everyone wanted a photo taken in front of the wall. Everyone had a photo taken in front of the wall. Everyone else had their photo photoshopped in front of the wall. It was an exciting time that helped propel us in abandoning any notions of moving to New York City and Chicago next year. Who else would I share hot tea and pie at the St. Pete diner with?

Give a warm round of applause for… Square One presents… because this is a fcking Square One production you btches… Jeremy Gloff’s 1987 Show.
– My heavily intoxicated introduction of Jeremy’s performance at Crowbar

(Shout-out to J-Gloffa: You commented on last year’s 2007 blog about being a complete outsider to my life. How the times have a-changed?)

Let Me Think About It by Ida Corr: Nicole (a.k.a. McShizzle) and I decided to see Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour in Chicago with one another. $500.00 for a tenth row floor seat was a bargain, especially considering that both of us were contemplating plunking down a cool grand each for any floor seat. From the moment we arrived, we were cracking our corny jokes and giggling at the smallest idiosyncrasies. The highlight of that Chicago trip has got to be devouring a huge food order from Duck Walk at Neil’s apartment while You Tube-ing our favorite songs. We were both three sheets to the wind but in complete denial of how loaded we truly were. I kept downplaying the situation, making every attempt to remain cool. Once Nicole played ‘Let Me Think About It’… all bets were off and out came the dancing and singing.

Nicole: ”Yeah, you’re not fcked up!’
Okie: ‘NOT. AT. ALL!’

Holler by Spice Girls: Neil in Chicago is a chef extraordinaire who cooks up the best homemade seafood paella ever. And being the guy who is not afraid to unleash his inner fat boy, I would persistently ask him to make me breakfast every morning or whip up a Bloody Mary for lunch or concoct his famous spinach dip. Every single time like the giving person he is, Neil would oblige. His only request when being my personal Top Chef was that “Holler” play on Rhapsody so he could dance while he cooked.

All I See by Kylie Minogue: A sign that you are getting older: All of your close girl friends either got married or engaged this year.

The apparent year of romance kicked off with Stephanie Brooke marrying Jason. Then Jen married Max. Next up was Katina‘s wedding to Justin. Followed by Kristin‘s engagement to Ben. And then Sterling got engaged to Shira. Accompanied by Donna accepting David‘s wedding proposal. Not to be outdone by Nick popping the question to Gina. Concluding with Linley and Doug finally making plans to get hitched.

If 2008 is the year of romance, then 2009 will be the year of the weddings. I am already slated to be in 2 weddings next year… just 25 more to go to fulfill the starring role in my own version of the movie “27 Dresses.” The song lyrics to “All I See” perfectly capture the happiness of my friends finding their other halves.

Single Ladies by Beyonce: I don’t exactly remember the precise moment that Jonathan and I clicked with one another, because it seems like I have known him forever now. Whether it’s forcing him to cook me lunch or watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta Marathon on Bravo all day, I always picture his “Laze Milan” dancing when “Single Ladies” blared out any given speakers.

Right now, Jonathan is currently overseas in Qatar with the Air Force so everyone pray that he gets back home very soon. He and I have a date at the Buddhist Temple when he returns.

Hot Summer by Monrose: My theme song for 2008, and one of the many songs that Gina, Steven and I always play at Linley‘s house parties where we find ourselves to be the only ones dancing.

Push The Button by Sugababes and Primitive by Roisin Murphy: The “unmentionable” title of Jon La May‘s iPod playlist dedicated to moi was a collection of songs I introduced to him. The two songs that Jon would jam out the most to during our weekly Winghouse Wednesday luncheons were these two irresistibly catchy pop ditties that he initially hated.

Damaged by Danity Kane: David Phan has an enduring tendency to text me random lyrics to any given song of the moment. I never understood why. Neither did Jon La May. It was just something that made the loveable David Phan David Phan. Of all the 129,078,380,397.42 texts messages that he sent to me this year, “Damaged” has got to be his most referenced. The funny thing about his texts is that I can vividly picture him singing the song while pumping his fist in the air each and every time that he messaged me. Waking up to a text message that read “Do… do you have a first aid kit handy?” was not uncommon this year thanks to my special Jacksonville friend who claims I wear butt pads.

INTO THE NIGHTLIFE BY CYNDI LAUPER: I had been friends with Ryan Prado for years, but never had we bonded as much as we did this year. Every morning at work, I would wait for him to get to his job so that we could begin endlessly e-mailing one another throughout the day. Even with how stressful my job became, just talking to him was like a breath of fresh air. When we both decided to travel to Chicago to see the Janet Jackson Rock With U Tour, I had NO idea how much fun was in store. Being the old man that I have inevitably become, I left Ryan at Club Berlin that Friday night to go back to Neil’s apartment to go to bed. When Ryan texted me to come back and save him from the onslaught of attacking trannies, I put my shoes back on and went downstairs to go bring him back to Neil’s place with me. I walk in Berlin. I spot Ryan at the bar. He motions to me that he is ready to leave. “Into The Nightlife” starts emanating from the speakers and suddenly Ryan and I both decide to stay a little longer… well at least one song longer. I literally saw Mr. Prado come to life in Chicago and am eager to go back up there with him next August for Market Days. Corner diner here we come!

Rock With U by Janet Jackson: Ryan Prado. Screaming his head off like an 8 year-old girl suffering from an intense adrenaline rush and sugar high. Nuff said.

Want to dress for you tonight
Under the light
Shot up like a satellite
Into the night
Shirtless wonder wreck my sight
Under the light
Into The Nightlife by Cyndi Lauper

Motownphilly by Boyz II Men: The Saturday get-together at Neil‘s place in Chicago for Ryan Prado brought out the usual favorite suspects: Sara, Aaron, Danny, Firecrotch Rob, Vince and of course… my soul mate, Chicago Gina. I am not sure how we got into our 90’s music kick, but there we were dancing up a storm in Neil’s living room to old-school X-Scape, CeCe Peniston and of course Gina’s request that she just had to hear… “Motownphilly” by Boyz II Men. Up went the hair in a ponytail on top her head and out came the surefire ridiculousness that everyone loves about Gina. I’m not even sure she realizes how side-splitting hilarious she is when she is in her full-on “Gina” element.

I Wonder by Kanye West: Sterling scored us box-seats to the Kanye West & Rihanna concert in Chicago. I had just flown into Chicago that afternoon, so by the time we arrived at the United Center Arena… I was literally suffering from headbobs trying to stay awake. As huge of a Kanye fan that I am, the exhaustion began taking over and I was falling asleep at my idol’s concert. It took my favorite song from Kanye’s “Graduation” album to bring me back to life and join Chicago Gina to rock out to the remainder of the Glow In The Dark Tour.

4 MINUTES BY MADONNA WITH JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: It was a random Saturday night at Gbar. I walk inside and notice a group of familiar guys just whispering to one another and pointing my way. I thought, ‘what the hell did I do now?” I ignored their whispers and went over to the other bar. A tap on the shoulder and I turn around to see one of those guys standing behind me.

“Do you think you can give me advice on an event that I am planning?” he said.

I had already began drinking and agreed to do so, but initially shrugged off the random question. Sure enough, Gary Randall called me the next day asking for advice on a show called Square One that he was planning at the old Masquerades. What started off as simply giving advice turned into helping him plan this Square One event which escalated into taking over a suddenly successful business venture when he moved to New York City this past May. I had known Gary for years, but never did we ever exchange any words besides the standard “hello” and hug. Gary seeking me out for his event at the beginning of the year completely rearranged my priorities in 2008, and he and Julia in New York have become family to me.

I met the majority of the people that I speak to on a daily basis through Square One with most of them being acquaintances I had previously known for years.

He may claim that I am always mean and never spend enough time with him, but from never having a conversation with Jason Moriarty the years of knowing him to talking to him daily for at least 4 hours should prove how much he means to me now. He is absolutely hilarious when he makes his obnoxious comments on my weight or his “twink assembly line” of workers that will unquestionably work our events. I’d be lost the last half of this year without “my Daddy,” the Russian Jew… Tampa’s Edward Cullen. I cannot wait to hit up NYC and Chicago with him next year.

Jason: Where the hell did you come from? It was like you were suddenly everywhere overnight.
Okie: I came from Chambers.

Rory and I go way back as friends. Back in the day, she could out drink anyone under the table and was undeniably one of the wildest girls that I know. She since gave up drinking, calmed down, graduated from Ringling and continually kept in touch with me throughout the years. Square One literally recharged our friendship. When I began planning GO! in May, she literally saved the day with the event promos. She will stay up until 2am working on graphic design work I need done for clients on a very last minute basis, and can still ‘slut’ it up like no one else.

Because of Square One, I finally felt that I was doing something that I was meant to do. When I recently got laid off from my accounting day job, I actually felt a sense of relief… as if I was being done a favor. While some of my coworkers were crying, I actually walked out of the office that afternoon with my belongings and a huge smile on my face. Corporate day jobs were never intended for me. Granted I lost my job, but I had Square One and The RITZ Ybor to fall back on. Both of those jobs mean more to me than any job before because I am finally doing something that I am completely and madly passionate about.

Who knew that Gary randomly asking me for advice would turn into a new career path where I was fortunate to meet and befriend some of the coolest people in the universe. Melissa Fair (the regulator). Gina Rathbun (my biggest fan). Jedd Lancaster (my web master). Melissa Ora-ath (my Harajuku baby). Linda Alexander (my favorite teacher). Amel Samuels (the one man corporation). Michelley QueenofQueens. Robert Wegmann. And the list just goes on and on.

If you want it
You already got it
If you thought it
It better be what you want
If you feel it
It must be real just
Say the word and
I’ma give you what you want
4 Minutes by Madonna with Justin Timberlake

Untouched by The Veronicas: A morning without speaking to Robby is like a day without air. Or as he likes to put it, “a morning without speaking to Okie is like a morning without wood.” Whether it’s selling the hell out of his bumper stickers down the streets of Ybor or showering his face with drunken kisses at my birthday, I had a blast with him this year.

Read A Book Parody by D’Mite: I first met Kat Wilson at the GO! Meet & Greet at Streetcar Charlie’s last May. It wasn’t until we toured The RITZ Ybor an hour or two later that she took the gloves off and made a smart comment about the cologne I typically bathe myself in. I always love a smart-ass, so I instantly knew that we’d get along fabulously. She has proven time and time again that she is an asset to Square One and to alopecia.

If We’re In Love by Roisin Murphy: I asked Jose to do Virgin 2.0 way back in May, and am shocked with how long ago that seemed. The highlight memory of him this year is FINALLY seeing him walking out onstage after (eve)olution with the biggest smile on his face, a true representation of the six months he busted his ass for his collection. He may criticize my two-slice pizza eating ways, even though Grace would smile and approve… but I still love him.

Hot N Cold by Katy Perry: Paging the cigarette thief named Ernesto. This is our dancefloor anthem for 2008 because it seems like you and I were always dancing together to this song.

DREAMS (DEEP DISH REMIX) BY FLEETWOOD MAC: Whenever Cheri and I have too much to drink, we find ourselves the victims of the “I love you” mushy fest. There we were on her 26th birthday at 2am at Flirt, hugging each other and crying about how happy we were to be friends. Fast forward to the Boom Boom Room in Chicago last year where we were just holding hands in the middle of the dancefloor telling one another how much we loved eachother. Of course this past February when I went to visit her in Los Angeles was no exception. V.I.P. balcony of Club Avalon and the DJ played this song. Anyone who passed by the two of us sitting in the lounge area would only hear the following silliness: “I love you Cheri… I’m so happy that we are friends. No, I love you Okie… I’m so glad I reunited with you after all these years… No, I love you more Cheri.” (Someone cut off our drinks next time we approach this territory.)

WALKING ON AIR BY KERLI: It is human nature to constantly push ourselves in seeking life’s ‘next big and next best thing.’ Everyone is searching for “it.” I, for one, can testify to always wanting ‘bigger’ and ‘better’; wanting more more more; wanting it all. Despite how beautiful a moment was, I still found myself never feeling satisfied. I would always question, ‘So what’s next? What else is coming? How can I top this wonderful moment?’ I always strived to get to a ‘next’ level of ‘greater’ and ‘better’ and ‘happier.’ I never sat back and took time to look at the amazement around me. 2008 will go down as the year that I actually opened up my eyes and finally realized… that I am already AT that level of “bigger” and “better” and ‘happier.’ No more pushing myself. No more searching. No more feeling unsatisfied …for it is not humanly possible to be as happy as I was the entire year of 2008.

THANK YOU to everyone who touched my life this year. I love you all and cannot to experience what 2009 brings to the table… besides the nine million engagement parties, bachelorette festivities, bridal showers and open bar weddings that I will be readying myself for.

Feel it

Breathe it

Believe it

And you’ll be walking on air

Go try

Go fly

So high

And you’ll be walking on air

You feel this

Unless you kill this

Go on and you’re forgiven

I knew that

I could feel that

I feel like

I am walking on air

Walking On Air by Kerli

This blog is dedicated to my very good friend Mr. Harry Morgan… for continually being that needed shoulder to lean on, for constantly putting up with my high-maintenance narcissism, for busting his ass during Virgin 2.0 set-up and most importantly… this blog is dedicated as a reminder of how beautiful of a person and wonderful of a friend he is. 2009 will be your year baby! Let’s ‘Demi Moore’ that shit up together. (Gym membership… CHECK. No carbs diet…. CHECK. Anti-aging products… CHECK. Young wigger arm candy… CHECK. Cigarettes & alcohol… X.)

And to Kristin… remember my comment about you never getting married because no one would want to deal with your excessive silliness? Well, I guess you proved me wrong. October next year… it’s MY wedding and you’re just the bride.

Monrose’s Strictly Physicalmy favorite album of 2008

The Soundtrack to 2008:
1. Beyonce – If I Were A Boy
2. Madonna – Give It 2 Me
3. Jeremy Gloff – Beautiful Boy
4. Ida Corr – Let Me Think About It
5. Spice Girls – Holler
6. Kylie Minogue – All I See
7. Beyonce – Single Ladies
8. Monrose – Hot Summer
9. Sugababes – Push The Button
10. Roisin Murphy – Primitive
11. Danity Kane – Damaged
12. Cyndi Lauper – Into The Nightlife
13. Janet Jackson – Rock With U
14. Boyz II Men – Motownphilly
15. Kanye West – I Wonder
16. Madonna with Justin Timberlake – 4 Minutes
17. The Veronicas – Untouched
18. D’Mite – Read A Book Parody
19. Roisin Murphy – If We’re In Love
20. Katy Perry – Hot N Cold
21. Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Deep Dish Remix)
22. Kerli – Walking On Air

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What If It All Means Something [10.30.2008]

Originally posted on MySpace on October 30, 2008:

I have always firmly believed that everything happens for a reason.  Whether tragic or shocking, every event in life is the pathway to another experience… to a new experience.
I went with Nicole to Chicago this past weekend to see Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour. (FYI: The concert was the most amazing & energetic show I’ve seen in recent years… and not just because of the 10th Row Seats we had!)  While there, I began thinking of how fortunate I am to visit that city because of a beautiful stranger who randomly sent me a MySpace message 3-4 years ago.  That encounter led to a group vacation with friends in Chicago… which led to a friend moving up there from Tampa… which led to a friend meeting a man who would help inspire a move across the country… which led to a friend meeting her fiancé in that city… and on and on…

…the explosion that meeting Gina in Chicago 2 years ago created is a bit unbelievable at times…. and everything that happened as a result was all meant to be.

Have you ever met someone that you just know is meant to be in your life?  I have often engaged in discussions on the reality of love at first sight and the existence of soulmates… with me of course always being the optimist.  I may not have known that when Gina first messaged me on here nearly half a decade ago that we would share that special “connection” as friends… but when I first saw her pull up to Midway airport to pick me up, I just knew that we both were onto something good  …just by the mere sight of her pulling up to the curb in her car!

This weekend, a complete stranger in Chicago said something that literally captivated me when I first heard him say it, and has managed to stick with me ever since.

“I was meant to meet you.  We were meant to meet.”

I did not initially think that was the case, but a half-hour wait for the Red Line train… which led to a conversation about the Madonna concert with a stranger… which led to a lost cellphone on the train… which led to meeting back up half an hour later… which led to Jaeger shots at Fat Cat… which led to Nicole being told, “I just KNEW that you would find my phone!”… maybe it was meant to happen?

I find it funny how there are those people who you invest years and years into having a relationship with only for that relationship to chaotically fall to pieces.  No rhyme or reason is ever given, but you both just venture in different directions.  The tragic and bad endings were meant to be.  Then there are those strangers who give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that something more and something bigger will come.  It just amazes me how gigantic this world is, but at the same time… and at the right moment… how small it really is… and how the smallest situations and encounters in life can  sometimes lead to its biggest adventures.

P.S.  I love McShizzle!

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Sex On The Beach [10.19.2008]

Originally posted on MySpace on October 19, 2008:

8 years ago, I had just turned 21. At the time, I was not really a fan of nightclubs or bars and wasn’t much of a drinker as well. It would only take a mere 2 beers or so for me to start feeling buzzed. My 21st birthday wasn’t the typical “get trashed” 21st birthday that everyone else has. I remember celebrating my 21st birthday with friends and family; not even enjoying one drink.

I don’t remember who brought me out first… but it was either Kristin or Katie who took me to Masquerades on a Thursday night one night. Thursday nights was 80’s night, $5.00 cover and all you can drink. I was an unemployed but full-time student at USF back then who was lucky enough to have four-day weekend weeks during most semesters, so Thursday night was the beginning of my weekend. Masquerades was always always packed. The music played was everything that I enjoyed growing up a child. And the drinks… well… the drinks were always a-flowing. I got so incredibly sick off of the free Sex On The Beach drinks one night that I swore off ever drinking Sex On The Beach drinks ever again. To this day, even the smell of a Sex On The Beach drink is enough to remind me of how violently ill I got from them and enough to make me gag.

Myspace was not around during the heydays of Masquerades, so there weren’t the million and one hellos and hugs and kiss on the cheeks that happen when going out today. Who I went out with on Thursday night was who I spent the entire night with. Digital cameras weren’t common at all, so photographic documentation of those Thursday nights is non-existent. …unlike today where everyone’s every move is captured on camera and uploaded online. It kills me that a lot of my good friends today (Linley, Jeremy Gloff) were at Masquerades on Thursday nights, yet I did not meet them until years later and through Myspace.

Masquerades was my first introduction into nightclubs and to Vodka. How shocking is it that I was strictly a beer person back in the day, because today… I only drink beer towards the end of a night of heavy drinking?

It will be very nostalgic to relive those memories at The RITZ Ybor (which housed Masquerades) next Thursday night. It will be the same venue. The same music. Some of the same former crowd will be there… but my how the times AND myself have changed. Thursday night will be a blast, but should I wear a mask or dress normal or dress 80’s? And more importantly… should I order a Sex On The Beach drink for old times sake?

a ONE NIGHT return to Masquerades 80’s Thursdays
When: Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 (Doors open at 7:30pm & event will last until midnight)
Where: The RITZ YBOR 1503 E 7TH AVE TAMPA, FL 33605
Description: Featuring DJ Sirius & DJ Noi. Vampiress Fashion Show choreographed by Bella Danza Dance Collective (at 8pm and 10pm.)
Drinks Specials. Costume Awards. & More!

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Rock Wit U [10.05.2008]

Originally posted on MySpace on October 5, 2008:

They say that I may as well just move to and live in Chicago with how many times a year I am up there… last weekend’s visit marked only the third this year.

Janet Jackson was playing at the Allstate Arena up in the Chi-town area, and JJ’s number 1 fan Ryan Prado happened to score awesome seats for her tour. This also happened to be Ryan’s first trip to Chicago ever.

Everytime I went back “home,” I would bring or be with a friend who had never been to the wonderful windy city. I first brought Cheri and Fabian. Steven MichaelRay came along for the fun the next time around. So did Katina and Billy. Gina followed afterwards. Linley, Doug, Bryan & Eric were up there for last Market Days. Now it was Ryan’s turn.

I have the most amazing friends up in Chicago… especially my Daddy Neil who never fails to make sure that our friends and I are always taken care of. Ask anyone who has ever met him, Neil is the bomb!

“You have some amazing people in your life.”
– Ryan Prado

DUH! 🙂
And to think that it all started with a random MySpace message from a beautiful curly haired stranger named Gina…

Janet and LL Cool J rocked it on Thursday night! It was touching to see her open her tour with “Pleasure Principle” and perform such classics as “Love Will Never Do” and “Alright” and “That’s The Way Love Goes.” Her 2 hour set was jam packed with nothing but the hits!

Sterling and Shira took Ryan and I to the Wired Magazine Nextfest at Millenium Park… something that came as quite a shock to anyone who knows me. For starters, I do NOT do touristy things when visiting a city. Ever. In fact, I had never seen Chicago during the daytime the first handful of times that I went up there. It was always fly in at night. Party up a storm. Sleep the next day away, wake up at night and repeat. …but it was nice to do something different for a change.

Ahem! Cheri and Danny… the above photos are proof that I am capable of doing other activities in Chicago besides laying in bed or lying on the couch or drinking Bloody Mary’s and mimosas all day!

Cloud Gate and the Virtual Waterfalls in Millenium Park were by far one of the coolest things I’ve seen in any city.

…but not as cool as Ryan Prado Jazz Hands in front of the Chicago Theater!

Cheers to Chicago!

Ryan, I am violently happy that you finally came to Chicago with me and witnessed what all the hype is about. I literally saw you come alive up there. This will only be the first trip of many more to come I’m sure. The trannies are coming!

I love you Neil, Gina, Vince, Sterling, Shira, Danny, Sara, Rob and everyone else. See you all again in 3 weeks.

I wanna rock with you
Let’s converse
Talk with your body
Don’t say anything at all
Janet Jackson’s Rock With U

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We Are All In This Together 1987 [09.11.2008]

Originally posted on MySpace on September 11, 2008:

I remember sitting down with Jeremy Gloff over lunch at Cheesecake Factory a good two months ago or so… brainstorming on ways to creatively promote his 1987 album… discussing the obvious lack of togetherness in Tampa… airing out our frustrations of living in such a lackluster city?

Who woulda thought that our silly lil’ promotional idea would become such a creative representation of how unified our local community truly is while reminding us both that Tampa still has some “coolness” left in her.

180+ photos of different people from all walks of life were taken in front of JGlo’s 1987 wall. Here is just a glimpse of a few of those photos:

Square One presents
Jeremy Gloff’s 1987
When: Saturday September 20, 2008
at 11:00 PM (Doors open at 9:00PM)
Where: CROWBAR 1812 N 17TH ST TAMPA, FL 33605
Description: 1987 Album Release Party & Special Performance
by Jeremy Gloff as part of SoundFX: Live

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Market Me [08.14.2008]

Originally posted on MySpace on August 14, 2008:

Danny: Are you taking these photos for your Market Days blog?
Okie: DUH!
Danny: Your blogs are always too long to read!

Well Danny… I am intentionally going to prove you wrong with this one!


Steven MichaelRay & I were stranded in Atlanta …FOR 10 HOURS!!!


Dinner with Tampa & Chicago Family


Market Days

The Orange Wall

Steven & my soulmate’s booty



More Market Days & Daddy Neil’s Get-Together



The Last Day

This is how I charge my cellphone

And this is how Steven charges his cellphone

The Christian Soldiers all grown up!

Cheri being Cheri

NEIL… I LOVE YOU more than you know! Thank you YET AGAIN for just being the most hospitable & giving friend alive.
STERLING… remember what I said in my work e-mail to you today? Lucky you. Lucky her.
DANNY… I may never understand how one can “finna” go grape for some ape, but I know who killed me!!!
VINCE… “I want to touch the sky” “L.A. style?” “NO! That’s touching the moon!”
SARA… I still wanna get together with you. I really. I really wanna be with you.
ROB a.k.a. Firecrotch… Wow! Dave really truly exists. He’s just not a figment of your Ecuadorian Mexican imagination.
CHERI… I will see you on Thanksgiving Day, and more importantly… at the White Party in Miami where I just cannot wait to see your (and I quote) “dirty, skanky, slutty white dress held by threads… with no panties and no bra underneath!”
SHIRA… Labor Day weekend… you and your black girl bootay are mine!
MEREDITH, DEE, ELLY, WILL & RO… a pleasure meeting you all. I will only be seeing more of you guys in September and in October and next year…

Linley, Doug, Bryan, Eric, Paul and my HUH HUH HUH (let’s switch it up) HEE HUH HEE HUH ARF brother astronaut seal Steven… I love you!

“I think everything is now how it was always meant to be.”
– Neil

I concur.

“I got a feeling and i just can’t let it go
Now i can’t stop it baby let’s get physical
Just wanna get up in a good vibrations
And i can feel it in the air..

Its gonna be a – hot summer
A hot, hot summer
Hot summer!”

Cheri & her “tambien”

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The Bells [06.15.2008]

Originally posted on MySpace on June 15, 2008:

The bells are ringing. Actually, the bells have been continuosuly ringing this entire year. They’ve been ringing so much lately that the sound being generated from them has become nothing short of a constant humming vibration.

The bells first rang when Katina became engaged to Justin last year.

They continued to ring when Stephanie married Jason this spring.

They rang some more when Jenn married Max last month.

They rang some more with Chicago Sara accepting Aaron’s proposal.

The ringing bells became louder and louder, nearly reaching maximum heights when Kristin became engaged to Ben this month.

And tonight, the bells rang the loudest. Tonight’s ringing of the bells belonged to Donna and David.

After 34,349.93 years of breakups and makeups, David proposed to Donna at her graduation party, and she happily (and rightfully so) said yes. (FYI: Donna’s left hand now houses a ginormous Kobe-Bryant-purchased ROCK!)

So what gives with all of the back-to-back weddings and engagements? Is this all just a part of getting older? Or am I destined to star in my own real life version of 27 Dresses (er… Tuxes)?

A good friend of mine once predicted: “Okie, you are surrounded by a lot of friends who you love so much that you constantly put them before yourself. You’re standing in the middle of their circle right now, but they will all eventually start moving outside of the circle one day… getting married, having children… and you’ll still be stuck standing in the middle of that same circle at the end of the day. Standing alone.”

Most of my still-single friends would KILL BILL to be in some type of long-lasting, odds-defying, monogamous relationship. They’re just itching and scratching to find their soulmate partner. I, on the other had, have become so comfortably happy being single that I could never imagine EVER settling down.

So I still stand here. In the middle of this circle. And I will continue to happily stand here as long as there’s good music being played, strong drinks being poured and my close friends around who are happier than ever.

In the end, that good friend of mine predicted wrong. My friends are happy being in couples, and I am even happier… being single and standing in whatever damn circle I am supposed to be standing in. Let them fucking bells ring all decade long!!! Just make sure that all of these upcoming wedding receptions are OPEN BAR please.

Probability of who the bells will ring for next:

1. Tampa Gina

2. Linley

3 & 4. TIE – Chicago Gina & Rory

5. Ummm… just look at the photo below.
I should not even have Cheri included in this category!


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