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Whiskey Me To The Runway

I wear many hats at my job.  On paper, I am listed as the Public Relations & Marketing Director of The RITZ Ybor, a special events & concert venue in Tampa, Florida.  In reality, I pretty much do a lot of… well… everything: contracts, accounting, scheduling, ordering, hiring, overseeing staff and assisting my corporate bosses, owners and management with making sure that the venue is on its A-game.  Another aspect of my job is creating and producing x-amount of in-house events per year to show off the venue in a positive light.

When my friend Dallas first approached me about Tribeca ColorSalon being a part of my fall Square One event in November, the more and more our discussions carried on, the more and more I was convinced that another fabulous event was in-the-works.  Brandon, the owner of Tribeca, secured Saks Fifth Avenue to outfit his models for the show and hair product line KEVIN.MURPHY agreed to sponsor the show, and voilà… Cocktails & Couture was officially born.

The past Sunday’s event was a fruitful collaboration between many creative players: Dallas with KEVIN.MURPHY, the Tribeca ColorSalon staff, Tyler and Teresa with Saks Fifth Avenue, Mathieu Stanoch and the Bella Danza team, Doug and Niely with The RITZ Ybor, Ch Hoy with Liquid Tampa.  Most importantly, this past Sunday reminded me of how much of a cool city Tampa can be to live and work in.   Sashay Shante!

Introducing the show with my good friend (& yoga instructor) Melissa Carroll

Anye Cole belting out “Next to Me” and “Read All About It (Part 3)” by Emeli Sande

Performance Art Installations by Mathieu Stanoch
featuring Bella Danza

Sunday, September 16, 2012
The RITZ Ybor – Tampa, FL

…and a featured cocktails menu worth dying for!
Thanks Doug & Niely

Next To Me” by Emeli Sande

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Sex On The Beach [10.19.2008]

Originally posted on MySpace on October 19, 2008:

8 years ago, I had just turned 21. At the time, I was not really a fan of nightclubs or bars and wasn’t much of a drinker as well. It would only take a mere 2 beers or so for me to start feeling buzzed. My 21st birthday wasn’t the typical “get trashed” 21st birthday that everyone else has. I remember celebrating my 21st birthday with friends and family; not even enjoying one drink.

I don’t remember who brought me out first… but it was either Kristin or Katie who took me to Masquerades on a Thursday night one night. Thursday nights was 80’s night, $5.00 cover and all you can drink. I was an unemployed but full-time student at USF back then who was lucky enough to have four-day weekend weeks during most semesters, so Thursday night was the beginning of my weekend. Masquerades was always always packed. The music played was everything that I enjoyed growing up a child. And the drinks… well… the drinks were always a-flowing. I got so incredibly sick off of the free Sex On The Beach drinks one night that I swore off ever drinking Sex On The Beach drinks ever again. To this day, even the smell of a Sex On The Beach drink is enough to remind me of how violently ill I got from them and enough to make me gag.

Myspace was not around during the heydays of Masquerades, so there weren’t the million and one hellos and hugs and kiss on the cheeks that happen when going out today. Who I went out with on Thursday night was who I spent the entire night with. Digital cameras weren’t common at all, so photographic documentation of those Thursday nights is non-existent. …unlike today where everyone’s every move is captured on camera and uploaded online. It kills me that a lot of my good friends today (Linley, Jeremy Gloff) were at Masquerades on Thursday nights, yet I did not meet them until years later and through Myspace.

Masquerades was my first introduction into nightclubs and to Vodka. How shocking is it that I was strictly a beer person back in the day, because today… I only drink beer towards the end of a night of heavy drinking?

It will be very nostalgic to relive those memories at The RITZ Ybor (which housed Masquerades) next Thursday night. It will be the same venue. The same music. Some of the same former crowd will be there… but my how the times AND myself have changed. Thursday night will be a blast, but should I wear a mask or dress normal or dress 80’s? And more importantly… should I order a Sex On The Beach drink for old times sake?

a ONE NIGHT return to Masquerades 80’s Thursdays
When: Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 (Doors open at 7:30pm & event will last until midnight)
Where: The RITZ YBOR 1503 E 7TH AVE TAMPA, FL 33605
Description: Featuring DJ Sirius & DJ Noi. Vampiress Fashion Show choreographed by Bella Danza Dance Collective (at 8pm and 10pm.)
Drinks Specials. Costume Awards. & More!

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We Are All In This Together 1987 [09.11.2008]

Originally posted on MySpace on September 11, 2008:

I remember sitting down with Jeremy Gloff over lunch at Cheesecake Factory a good two months ago or so… brainstorming on ways to creatively promote his 1987 album… discussing the obvious lack of togetherness in Tampa… airing out our frustrations of living in such a lackluster city?

Who woulda thought that our silly lil’ promotional idea would become such a creative representation of how unified our local community truly is while reminding us both that Tampa still has some “coolness” left in her.

180+ photos of different people from all walks of life were taken in front of JGlo’s 1987 wall. Here is just a glimpse of a few of those photos:

Square One presents
Jeremy Gloff’s 1987
When: Saturday September 20, 2008
at 11:00 PM (Doors open at 9:00PM)
Where: CROWBAR 1812 N 17TH ST TAMPA, FL 33605
Description: 1987 Album Release Party & Special Performance
by Jeremy Gloff as part of SoundFX: Live

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