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“Sweet Nothing” by Calvin Harris with Florence Welch

Just like Babyface  in the early 1990’s and Timbaland in the mid-2000’s, singer-songwriter-producer-DJ Calvin Harris has become the current it-boy with the midas touch in the music industry.  He gave Rihanna her biggest hit (save your Chris Brown jokes) and most beloved international smash-single “We Found Love” and saturated radio airwaves and Gym Workout iPod playlists with his very own “Feels So Close.”  “Call My Name” by British superstar Cheryl Cole is arguably her best single to date, and Scissor Sisters haven’t sounded as good on “Only The Horses” since their debut album.  Both songs were of course written and produced by Calvin Harris.

As Calvin Harris readies to release his third studio album, 18 Months on October 29, 2012, he recently unveiled his fifth (yes, fifth) single & music video from that upcoming album: a stunning collaboration with Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine called “Sweet Nothing.”

Sweet Nothing” is the Calvin Harris track I have been waiting for.  His music alone has always been so commanding, and “Sweet Nothing” demonstrates what happens when paired with a set of muscular vocals.  Earlier this year, we first heard the 26-year-old lead singer of Florence + The Machine collaborate with Calvin Harris when he remixed her band’s “Spectrum” single.  This time, “Sweet Nothing” marks the first: Flo belting out a song solely written for her by Calvin Harris.

…and it’s nothing but 100% pure ecstasy.  Enjoy below!

“Sweet Nothing” by Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch

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“Call My Name” by Cheryl Cole


Oh Cheryl Cole.  How do I love thee!  You were a part of the biggest-selling female group in the UK, (and no I am not referring to the Spice Girls but) Girls Aloud, who were responsible for some of the catchiest pop-ditties this millennium.   You ventured out as a solo artist with two huge hit albums and a string of pop perfection confections.  Your “Fight For This Love” still reigns as one of the best pop songs ever recorded.  You ruled England as their beloved sweetheart when you became a judge on The X-Factor UK which lead to one of the much-coveted judges spots on The X-Factor USA.  Although, I should be upset with you for you leaving The X-Factor USA.  It lead to four torturous months of the grating Nicole Scherzinger (your replacement).  Will.i.am. is now your manager.  You have a new album, your third, A Million Lights, being released next month.  You have a cameo role in the JLo & Cameron Diaz rom-com, What To Expect When You’re Expecting flick this summer.  You reportedly are dropping your ex-hubby’s last name and simply going by Cheryl.  Madonna.  Cher.  Cheryl.  It works.  And you have a sexy new video for “Call My Name,” which was written and produced by current it-boy Calvin Harris, that just hit YouTube.  You own the world right now… well, except for the U.S.  Here’s looking forward to a very successful infiltration onto the American pop culture radar.  If the Kardashians can do it, then the sexiest woman on the planet most certainly can too. You’re almost there baby.

P.S.  The 90’s clothes, style and choreography of your “Call My Name” music video is like a tasty make-out session with nostalgia.

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